Balancing The Body Is Balancing The World

Dr. Michael Laitman Rambam, Mishneh Torah, Chapter 4, Law 1: One should eat only when he is hungry and drink only when he’s thirsty. He also should not delay urination or defecation even one minute.

All the bodily wastes—the saliva, the sweat, and the natural secretions—must constantly be secreted from the body, so one mustn’t restrain himself when he feels the bodily urge to secrete these wastes.

What is more, a person must also get rid of the nervous tension and his emotional urges. If you can’t sit still, don’t sit, if you can’t stand, don’t stand, if you have to run, run. This means that you shouldn’t build up any tensions and shouldn’t accumulate any wastes, not spiritual, moral, physical, or mental ones.

This is very important since a person must work on himself in order to totally balance himself. On the whole, if he thinks about self-balance seriously, he thinks about adhesion to the Creator, about how to connect to the world around him correctly.

We must be compatible with the general balance of the whole global system, of the whole world, of the whole universe. In order to do that, we must first receive special knowledge. Rambam was certainly on that level, while modern man doesn’t know anything about that.

People who lived thousands of years ago had a naturally balanced mechanism, so it automatically summoned in them the urge for certain actions and not others that balanced them with nature.

They slept in a certain position and at certain hours, if they had constipation, they ate special herbs and thus balanced themselves by natural methods. They did this instinctively, internally, like animals do.

However, as the ego grows, a person draws away and becomes detached from the natural animal state. Man has built an artificial environment and has stopped feeling the natural balance with nature, with those around him, with himself, in himself, thus causing great inner bodily tensions and is holding back all the secretions inside him: the mental, the moral, the physical, and the physiological ones. This leads to a blockage and to the poisoning of all the organisms. Different “poisons” are created in the form of evil thoughts and bad relations starting from the level of cells and onward since it is all one system.
From KabTV’s “Medicine of the Future,” 4/7/13

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