The Major Law Of The Universe

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is Kabbalah a hidden science?

Answer: Kabbalah is not a hidden science. It simply waits until everybody feels a need for it. Humanity has to realize that there is nothing else in the world except the general law of balance, the basic law of nature. In order to be happy, healthy (in an absolute sense of the word), and rise above this life, exit to the next level at which one can sense eternity, perfection, and unconditional health, we should follow the law of “love thy neighbor….” It’s the major law of the universe and the ultimate goal of the method called Kabbalah.

However, in order to approach this, humanity has to first realize that natural egoistic aspirations only lead us to death. Soon (maybe even today) people will hear that there is a method capable of bringing them to absolute harmony, which translates into absolute health, success, happiness, peace, benevolence, and well-being.

Question: Is it possible to formulate this law some other way? For example, “don’t treat your neighbor the way you don’t want to be treated.”

Answer: Yes, you can verbalize it this way. In any case, you should put yourself in your neighbors’ shoes and act out of this understanding.

This is called balance that expels all diseases out of us. However, there is another hidden problem here. How can balance eliminate illnesses if we are constantly subject to the influence of an awful environment, both human and ecological? No matter how one tries, one’s illnesses will remain intact. Not only does one have to correct oneself, but one also has to correct oneself relative to society and society itself.

We depend on humanity and the entire civilization depends on each of us. However, if one starts correcting only oneself, he’ll become a “dandelion” who admires everybody and everything around. By all means, he will feel more comfortable and balanced, but still one will never achieve the state of genuine health since other people around him are simply parts of his own organism. One has to correct humankind inside oneself; the rest will happen automatically and will instinctively lead to a state of harmony.

Question: If we correct ourselves with regards to humanity, does it mean that we don’t have to mend humanity on a physical level?

Answer: We have to address humanity and try to deliver the truth to them, thus helping them correct themselves. The world will not improve as long as there are people who don’t understand what the law of general balance means on a moral level.
From KabTV’s “Medicine of the Future,” 4/7/2013

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