“Dogs Bark And The Caravan Goes”

Laitman_049.01Question: Suppose a person started studying at one of our international Kabbalah Education Centers. Suddenly online he comes across criticism of Laitman’s Kabbalah. How should he react to this?

Answer: People should react as they please; it is their business. I hope to live a few more years, until I bring all those who wish to the spiritual goal, and during this time others will write many more “beautiful” pages about me.

How can you react to this? In no way. “Dogs bark, and the caravan goes.” We cannot do anything. This is human nature. Realizing this, I pay no attention to anything. So it’s easier for me. They are the ones who splutter with anger.

Question: Let’s say a new student is excited to read about Laitman. And then something bad comes to him, as nature plays with a man. Is there a freedom of choice?

Answer: Yes. Let him understand what Laitman says and what others say.

Question: What tools does he have to understand this?

Answer: It is a point in the heart. If it does not let him rest, it will force him to open not my but Baal HaSulam’s books. Gradually, he will begin to understand that they contain divine wisdom, which is the next level.

Therefore, he will not be able to confine himself only to performing mechanical actions in our world—any religion, no matter which—but he will want to comprehend the source of life and his fate, where he comes from, what and where he is. He will not be able to live without it and nature will force him.

All the problems that we see today—natural disasters, hurricanes, and wars—happen only to force a person to understand that he needs to find an answer to the question of the meaning of life. Otherwise life is completely empty.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/10/17

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