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My Thoughts On Twitter, 11/29/17


You are given the chance to make yourself and the world happier. And your reward is the attainment of the upper world, eternity of existence—both your own and all of creation. All while still living in this world. Every day becomes #Thanksgiving!

You cannot relate to the #future correctly without justifying your states in the past, accepting everything as coming from the Creator, for there’s “None else besides Him.” The past couldn’t have been any different, but the future depends on your similarity to the Creator.

#Internet wars are waged by forming new meanings in society. This allows for fracturing of society via the Internet, forming new artificial associations & organizations, feeding the desired meaning through them into the society and thus taking full control over the government.

Special “societies” are out to transform the public by destroying traditional #values & instilling instead universal liberal values, up to self-destruction. Kabbalah: we must protect the individuality of every person, building unity while preserving everyone’s individual traits.

Every #soul is broken into myriad egoistic desires. They manifest in an orderly fashion to be corrected, to turn them from egoistic application (Aviut) to altruistic application (Masach). So, one must accept disturbances as help, and rejoice at them.

The Creator’s goal is to bestow contentment to the creatures. So, if you start feeling doubts, don’t reject but accept them instead, for disturbances appear not to throw you off the path, but just the opposite, to raise you to the next degree. And then you exert to ascend to it.

See the Creator manifesting Himself in you behind every thought and desire. He is your root! #PositiveThoughts

#Renewable energy isn’t a free source of energy by any means. Such a thing cannot exist, because our world is a closed system. Convenience and cleanliness are possible, but at a cost. The solution lies in mastering the energy of bestowal by the Last Generation.

From Twitter, 11/29/17

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There Is Nothing Bad In Nature

laitman_232.08.jpgQuestion: If I see a negative property in a friend, I have to complement it. What does this mean?

Answer: There law of nature is such that there is nothing wrong with it. And there is nothing bad in man either—not in anyone of us! The “bad” came from our shattering and so you have his fourth, in another half, and in me a third, etc.

If we collect these properties together, then they form one property of wholeness that consists of a plus and a minus. In fact, when the soul broke, negative properties were formed, and even the positive ones look negative because there is nothing that could complement them.

The wisdom of correction is to correct the separation and distance between us. We need to make our brains work in this direction: there is neither bad nor good. Separation and distance between us are bad. Therefore, we see broken properties, which always seem negative to us.

If there is nothing to oppose a broken property, no matter how positive it is, it will look negative.
From the Convention in Vilnius “From Chaos to Harmony,” Day One 11/03/17, Lesson 1

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Lie And Truth, Part 2

laitman_600.04Question: It turns out that lies have a very important role: to gradually develop us, to push us closer to the revelation of truth. What level of development does a child reach when he starts lying at the age of three?

Answer: A child just discovers his nature. The shattering is in our basis, the sin of the Tree of Knowledge, as a result of which the lie has completely penetrated into our nature and reigns deeply within us. This is why we are unable to recognize a lie. On the contrary, we regard the truth as a lie and the lie as truth.

Truth and lie are so intertwined with each other that we do not even realize how deceitful we are. How can I measure what percentage of what I said is true? Relative to what can I evaluate this?

Question: According to statistics, a three to four-year-old child lies every two hours, a six-year-old already lies once in an hour and a half, and an adult at least three times every ten minutes. Does it mean that as we get older we become bigger liars?

Answer: Of course, we constantly lie and never say a drop of truth. The only question is whether the lie is conscious lie or not? But it is a lie—100%.

Question: Does the property of deception arise in us under the influence of society or from nature?

Answer: Deception lies in our nature and the environment just helps us use this property and grow it. All our relationships in society have a purpose to multiply lies and to succeed through it.

We educate children with stories that are complete lies from the beginning to end, all kinds of fairy tales about animals, cars, and trains that talk with each other, etc. This does not happen in life! This is an absolutely wrong education. All these deceitful pictures are imprinted in the child and when he grows up he as if expects them to be manifested in life.

It is not enough that we are naturally prone to lies and fantasies, we also educate children so that they become accustomed to lying. Eventually, they get used to living in the world of lies. These are not fantasies that just expand the truth a little; they are completely false.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/16/17

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“Then Moses Went Up To The Mountain”

laitman_740.03Torah, Exodus 24:15 – 24:18: And Moses went up to the mountain, and the cloud covered the mountain. And the glory of the Lord rested on Mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it for six days, and He called to Moses on the seventh day from within the cloud. And the appearance of the glory of the Lord was like a consuming fire atop the mountain, before the eyes of the children of Israel. And Moses came within the cloud, and he went up to the mountain, and Moses was upon the mountain forty days and forty nights.

“And Moses went up to the mountain” and disappeared into the cloud means he had completely reached the property of Bina (the 40th property).Forty is the level of Bina with respect to Malchut. Absolute, complete bestowal is the first general stage of a person’s ascension.

Question: Why did Moses enter the cloud?

Answer: Entering the cloud symbolizes the entrance of the Creator’s power to this stage. And then, over the course of 40 years, Moses rises more fully into this stage and completes the work before the entrance of the people into the “Land of Israel,” into the next state. “And Moses was upon the mountain forty days and forty nights” because there is no day without night and no night without day. A person must first plunge into the night, into all the opposite egoistic qualities and express them, and only then, with the help of the Light, can he correct them to the properties of Bina. Therefore, “and there was evening, and there was morning—one day” means that everything begins at night.

Moses received the tablets, the Torah, and the commandments; he descended from the mountain and began to work. This means that a person has pulled himself up to his highest level, got hooked, appeared in the world like a newborn, and now needs to raise himself into the new world.

In order to come to this state, he is given an instruction—a Light of correction that awaits until a person needs it.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/1/13

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Reveal Your Spiritual Potential

Laitman_032.01Question: Can a person live normally and develop spiritually if he does not feel loved by other people?

Answer: A person must develop in order to reveal his spiritual potential. It is a pity that life goes by in vain. Therefore, he does not need to pay much attention to anything. If he is given the opportunity to study within the framework of our organization, the opportunity to develop his spiritual qualities, then everything else depends on him.

Nothing else is needed. In this, he does not depend on anyone. He can even remain alone in front of his computer if there is no one around him. It is desirable, of course, that he has friends, a group, but if he does not, then virtual connection is sufficient for him to correct his egoism. To correct means to counterbalance his ego with the opposite quality, and based on the contrast between them to attain the Creator.

He will reveal the love that fills the whole universe. After all, a person who begins to deeply engage in Kabbalah sometimes receives such a state when love that fills the whole world is revealed to him. But then this state disappears, and after a while, he must attain this state by himself.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/6/17

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New Life #420 – Virtual Connections

New Life #420 – Virtual Connections
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


The virtual connections of today are leading us toward internal connections in the future. Soon, we will have heart-to-heart connections that won’t require any wires at all!
From KabTV’s “New Life #420 – Virtual Connections,” 7/8/14

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