There Is Nothing Bad In Nature

laitman_232.08.jpgQuestion: If I see a negative property in a friend, I have to complement it. What does this mean?

Answer: There law of nature is such that there is nothing wrong with it. And there is nothing bad in man either—not in anyone of us! The “bad” came from our shattering and so you have his fourth, in another half, and in me a third, etc.

If we collect these properties together, then they form one property of wholeness that consists of a plus and a minus. In fact, when the soul broke, negative properties were formed, and even the positive ones look negative because there is nothing that could complement them.

The wisdom of correction is to correct the separation and distance between us. We need to make our brains work in this direction: there is neither bad nor good. Separation and distance between us are bad. Therefore, we see broken properties, which always seem negative to us.

If there is nothing to oppose a broken property, no matter how positive it is, it will look negative.
From the Convention in Vilnius “From Chaos to Harmony,” Day One 11/03/17, Lesson 1

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