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Lie And Truth, Part 3

laitman_622.02Question: I agree that human nature is arranged so that a person constantly lies. But let’s imagine that we live in a world where there are no lies and each one tells others everything he thinks about them. This would be just awful and we would cruelly hurt each other! Does it mean that lies are exactly what allow us to coexist?

Answer: We would teach our children how to reach the degree of truth. Instead of lying to each other; we would build a real connection between us, that is; we would change our qualities from deceptive to true ones, and we would begin to treat each other genuinely.

After all, we see that our entire life is deceitful from beginning to end. We are developing in the direction of ever increasing lies—around us is complete deception: education, culture, relationships between spouses, parents, and children, all our occupations, industry, and armament.

Question: If spouses told each other everything they really think about each other, they would divorce immediately. Does it mean that a lie is useful because life would be impossible without it?

Answer: Lying is the basis of our life. It is a lie and not the truth. However, the lie is given so we can correct it, that is, correct ourselves. It is clear that if we do not correct ourselves, we cannot exist side by side without lying. Yet, if we begin correcting ourselves, we will see that the need to lie gradually disappears.

Question: What is this correction?

Answer: This is the correction to love one’s neighbor as yourself. If I love someone else, I do not need to lie to him. How can I deceive the one I love? I can open my whole heart to him and there will be nothing that can hurt him. When I really love another, I like everything in him. Otherwise, it is not love.

Even if I see something wrong in him, I can say it and he will understand. After all, he knows that I speak out of love for him and not from a desire to offend him.

Question: If we ourselves constantly lie, why do we hate it so much when someone lies to us?

Answer: It is because we do not get out of lies and do not know where the truth is and what true love is. Truth and love are hidden from us.

We hate others’ lies because we want everybody to love us and to tell us good things sincerely. However, we ourselves do not want to treat others with such love.

If another one lies to me, then it humiliates me because he does not accept me as an equal. This is why others’ lies hurt us so much. If they lie to me, then they do not love me. If they loved me, then even a lie would come from love. Love would cover all the lies because it is above everything.

We lie to children, but we do it out of love, and therefore, this lie does not harm them. This is called a lie in the name of truth because we know the truth, but we understand that it will be better for a person to hear something different.

Everything should come from love; it must lie in the very foundation. Then it will oblige me to treat the other well and to do everything for his and not for my benefit. I rise above myself and do everything for him, and then, if necessary, I can even tell him lies. Education is impossible without some concealment of the truth.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/16/17

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True Love

laitman_624.04Question: What is love? Is it power, a field, energy?

Answer: It is a force directed from the person outward. The attribute of bestowal, the force of bestowal, is the power of love.

When I value something that is outside of me, higher than me, it is called love for this state, for this desire, or for this person, no matter what we call it.

Question: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, love is the revelation of love and hate at the same time, unlike in our world, where there can be either love or hate?

Answer: When states of “love” and “hate” exist separately from each other, they are unreal, contrived by us. They are given to us only so we can go through them and reach the real state. It is like the laws of physics: there can’t be minus without plus or plus without minus.

There is no love without hate, and no hate without love. They are built on top of each other, and we use them as states given to us by the Creator.

These are very realistic qualities that we must absorb into ourselves and exist with them both together. In this state I understand all the minuses and pluses in me and in another person. I understand that they were set for us and given to us by the Creator. We put the Creator between us and only then achieve mutual balance in this system: me, the other person, and the Creator between us.

Then, present, past, and future mutually complement each other, as in the system. The state in which I find the complete balance of all opposing properties is called “love.” This is a very special state of the ideal balance of the system.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/6/17

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 11/30/17


There’s no loftier sensation in our world than growing distant from the world and experiencing #spiritual ascent in unity with the friends…

You can study a bird in flight, make mathematic analyses and build flying devices using them. Or you can acquire the bird’s natural qualities and fly. Herein lies the difference between #science and Kabbalah, which doesn’t get “smart” but transforms man into an omnipotent creature.

Our #freedom lies only in being able to change not reality itself, but our attitude toward it. Reality is created by illuminating our egoistic Reshimot. Your attitude toward this changes reality, the way you perceive it: this world (bad) or the upper world (good).

After one becomes capable of bestowal, one is able to receive the upper light and pass it through oneself to everyone else. One isn’t restricted in any way in this, and becomes a vessel for infinite light, passing it from the Upper One to the lower ones. #consciousness

From Twitter, 11/30/17

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New Life 918 – The Essence Of Falsehood In Our Lives

New Life 918 – The Essence Of Falsehood In Our Lives
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

In order to reach the truth it is up to us to “move” through falsehood. The concept of falsehood exists at the foundation of creation as the opposite of truth. The lie dominates the depths of nature, on a level that we cannot even identify. It is up to us to try to change our characteristics from falsehood to truth, by developing the right attitude towards others from the depths of the heart.
From KabTV’s “New Life 918 – The Essence Of Falsehood In Our Lives ,” 11/16/17

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