Is There Love Without A Cause?

627.2Question: Can the word “love” be replaced with “balance between opposing forces” or “harmony between bestowal and reception”?

Answer: There are two types of love: love of self and love of the other or internal love and external.

If love is directed toward oneself, then this is that same egoism. I love to eat well, drink good wine, fulfill myself with sexual pleasure, travel, play with my child, and so on. All of this is nothing but manifestations of egoism. I love the child because he is mine; since I love myself, I also love him.

Why should this be called a certain type of love? They are simply manifestations of egoism. Naturally, for the person it is very nice and pleasant, well, there are even many so called demonstrations of self-sacrifice. But, the individual, of course, pays for it.

Question: Can it be said then, from a Kabbalistic point of view, that just as there is hatred without cause, there is love without cause?

Answer: Love cannot be without a cause. It is simply necessary to identify where the cause lies. Even if it is called love without a cause, it just means that we did not make the effort or are unable to identify its cause, or the cause lies above our egoism and that’s why we call it that.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 8/6/17

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