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My Facebook Page: “How Do We Perceive Reality?”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 12/24/17

How do we perceive reality? Can we change the way we experience the world? Here is why Perception of Reality is the main topic in Kabbalah.



Answers To Your Questions, Part 204

laitman_624.03Question: What is the meaning of the phrase: “There is none else besides Him”? (Torah, Deuteronomy 4:35) Is it possible to understand this phrase literally?

Answer: Read the Shamati article “There is None Else Besides Him” by Baal HaSulam.

Question: Does one feel a sensation similar to the sensation experienced at clinical death while crossing the Machsom (barrier) into spirituality?

Answer: It is more than that!

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Love And Hatred

Laitman_120Question: Why is love always perceived as something elevated and beautiful and hatred as bad and evil?

Answer: This is natural because love evokes positive feelings in us and brings joy. As a rule, it does not cause pain and harm to anyone. A person is elevated through it.

It is not just about love between a man and woman. We are talking about love for children, for a neighbor, for nature, and for everything. Love is a positive feeling because it comes from the feeling of the correct attitude of the Creator toward the creatures.

However, in us, it clothes in our egoism and therefore turns into something opposite— into love for oneself and no more for anyone and anything else. It manifests itself on all levels: food, sex, family, wealth, power, fame, and knowledge.

Therefore, love dressed in egoism can be very cruel. It manifests itself in completely opposite qualities, in hatred for everything, the opposite to this love. However, this is just in our world.

And if we are talking about the upper state of love, there love is above our egoism, the same way it is in the external nature, like in the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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Slender Figure: Beauty Or Harm To Health?

laitman_600.04Question: What are the spiritual roots of the general propaganda and the desire of women to have a trim, slender figure? Why can some people reach this goal relatively easily and others with a great difficulty?

Answer: This is female egoism, which wants to support itself in this way. Therefore, the desire to be slender was elevated to a special rank. Moreover: cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, hairdressers, and everything else work for it.

My acquaintance has a big beauty salon. He told me what a fight for clients happens in this area and what large amounts of money are invested there!

Remark: Once, the image of a healthy person was completely different from what it is now.

My Comment: Yes. If earlier the ideal figure measurements were considered 90-60-90 (centimeters), nowadays they are much less, and health has nothing to do with it. All these attitudes are completely unviable. In the end, they are harmful to health.
Both a woman and a man should have a normal build.

I hope we will start evaluating people by their social inclusion and by how much communication with them is close and pleasant to us. And if one of them is 10 kilograms more, it will not repel us. We will be attracted by the inner properties of the person.

Naturally, a person should take care of himself, but not in such a way as to correspond to some fantastic, absolutely unnecessary standards.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/20/17

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New Life #196 – Creating A Relationship As A Couple, Part 2

New Life 196 – Creating A Relationship As A Couple, Part 2
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Love is born from mutual investment. Sex reveals additional depth in the communication between partners. Self-awareness and awareness of one’s partner help us to be flexible and accommodate one another. An ideal relationship occurs when two become one and the couple then also unites with society as a whole.
From KabTV’s “New Life #196 – Creating a Relationship as a Couple,” Part 2, 6/9/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12/29/17

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Shamati #25, “Things that Come from the Heart”

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