Twice About Love

laitman_591Question: An ordinary person understands the earthly manifestation of love for a mother and children. Can he learn something from this in terms of achieving spiritual love?

Answer: I would not advise engaging in psychology, especially like with a mother and children. I quite often give this example only because it is real, but not more. That love that we achieve among ourselves in the group is not like that at all. It is special. It is built on the balance of opposites.

Question: Meaning, what a person knows about love and hatred from his life experience has nothing to do with the love that Kabbalah speaks about. Why haven’t the Kabbalists chosen another word to express this concept?

Answer: In order to explain the upper world, Kabbalists use the language of our egoistic world, what is called the “language of branches.” There is no other way. We take the definitions of objects and phenomena of our world and with their help describe the upper world as existing on the mutual balance of two opposite properties. This is not our world at all.

We will need to try very hard to find the right interaction among ourselves to learn what the construction of the right spiritual relationship and love are.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 8/6/17

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