When Do We Reach The Land Of Israel?

laitman_747.01Question: Why is it that after the exodus from Egypt the people of Israel were constantly complaining and were not satisfied by this progress?

Answer: This is how the present is assessed in relation to the past and the freedom of will is selected from the two states.

This happens on every degree, at every step, since egoism is always growing and we need to rise above it. Greater egoism and greater ascent. This goes on until we enter the land of Israel. Throughout the 40 years of wandering in the desert, we all climb Mount Sinai.

Previously only Moses ascended it, but now we are pulling everyone along with us. This means he is leading the people across the desert.

The ascent to Mount Sinai, meaning the ascent above mutual hatred, is the purpose of man’s life. This is the start of bestowal, love, mutual connection, and the union of everyone into one single whole, and to this extent—the Creator is revealed.

The land of Israel is attained only at the end when you reach love. But the entire ascent lies in rising above egoism. This is called “having the quality of Hassadim.”

Hesed is mercy: when you are concerned about others the same way they are concerned about you.

During this, each time at the level you are on, there is a suppression of your needs by reassessing the needs of others as more valuable, more necessary. It is similar to how a mother takes care of a baby, valuing its needs more than anything. That is how we are in relation to everyone.

It is as if you let another person inside you, completely free up space for him on this degree. When you do this, the egoism of the next degree immediately begins to arise in you. It is so strong that you do not even notice that person, and if you happen to see him, he annoys you and is repulsive to you. Then you start working on this again until he becomes closer to you than you are to yourself.

This means you have entered a new degree. And it continues over and over.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/25/15

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