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My Thoughts On Twitter, 12/5/17


How can I feel two opposite states, like #joy and suffering, at the same time? To feel two states I need two Kli: my personal one, and that of the group. In my personal Kli I feel the ego’s suffering, but in the common Kli of the group I feel joy.

Man is like a child the Creator has made and is raising, wanting for him to be like the Father: independent, perfect, similar to Him. You need not give the Creator anything but the pleasure of seeing you become similar to Him. #inspiration

#Freedom is possible if I rule over desire. For as long as I’m inside my egoistic nature, I am fully CONTROLLED by my ego. The only freedom is to learn to anticipate the Creator’s desires. Then you will decide for Him, as it is said: the righteous decides, & the Creator executes

Spiritual movement is impossible under the ego’s rule, nor under the rule of the #spiritual force of bestowal, but only in the combination of these two forces. While in the ego, we don’t exist in the spiritual world—there’s nothing against which to measure ourselves.

Our world is the first degree of the great cycle. The next degree is the upper world, from which all signals that govern our world descend. Those who wish to reveal the #meaning of life—who-what-how governs it—must reveal the upper world. This is the domain of Kabbalah.

The whole world is the Creator’s manifestation. By influencing us in various ways, He addresses us. Try and you will start to sense Him addressing you. Especially in your thoughts and feelings, for they are from Him, even before you realize it. You are your reaction to this fact.

What’s ahead? Understand: we must die within and be reborn. Precisely reborn in our perception of life, death, the world. To move to an unknown coil of existence, tune to a new dimension that we cannot even imagine to ourselves at the present.

Most important is to care for the point in the heart. It must be returned to its source, the Creator. It will pull you there itself, and you must help it. The #evil isn’t in the desire to enjoy, but in the intention to act for yourself.

Everything is done by the upper light! We are controlled by His influence on us. The only action we can do is either distance or draw closer together, distance or draw closer to Him, be dissimilar or similar to the Light. This is our only freedom and chance to influence #fate

Creation begins with the breaking of bonds between us, which r then filled with ego, rejection. We try to rebuild these bonds, the ego resists. Thanks to this, we rebuild the bonds 620 times stronger than before they were broken. This is why Creator is revealed in the connection.

Nothing exists but man and the Creator! Everything else is in you. All that you see around r your personal qualities being displayed against the Creator’s qualities. By connecting these 2 pictures you achieve the right perception of all of creation, in adhesion with the Creator.

Why did the great light dissipate into sparks? So that we would value everyone as the Creator’s part. And then we could truly join together once again into a single whole, the way the Creator has made us, and achieve our purpose–to reveal the one Creator. #purpose

Man is drawn to #truth IF it’s demanded by his POINT IN THE HEART – a desire to reveal truth even in suffering. Hebrew for TRUTH – EMET—includes the entire alphabet: E-Creator, M-Bina, T-Malchut—the Creator’s general name. Kabbalah teaches we must attain Him to be like Him

A film by my student, Amit Shalev: #antisemitism #Jewish

The #ego is like separate cells, and the Light knows how to connect them. Like the particles of any substance, the way they’re arranged determines the type of the substance. Man exists above the light, because he includes the its governance within himself.

From Twitter, 12/5/17

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“The Strong Swallows The Weak”

laitman_272Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: It is a natural law that the diligent class will exploit the backward class as best they can, like fish at sea, where the strong swallows the weak.

Today we see how the elites of all countries cannot stop in spite of the fact that they have already stuffed their own pockets. No logic can explain why a man with 50 billion needs another 50.

The fact is that the infinitely growing egoism requires this. Therefore, a person cannot do anything with himself; he must follow this. The miserable elites are also controlled by their infinitely growing egoism and are obliged to reduce the entire population to poverty, leaving them not even a crust of bread!

On the other hand, this is unnatural. Even during times of slavery, it was never like this. A slave was expensive! The owner had to take care of him, treat him well, etc.

Now we are separated from the connection between master and slave. An entrepreneur does not care that there are millions of people behind the gates of his factories. He must extract everything out of them!
From Kab TV’s ”The Last Generation” 8/7/17

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The Spiritual Root Of Gossip

laitman_600.02Question: Does gossip have a spiritual root?

Answer: Of course, it is called Lashon HaRa – evil tongue.

It kills everything between the friends. If I speak behind my friend’s back, I betray the Creator. I cheat on Him. There can be nothing else here. After all, the Creator puts the ten with all of its problems before me. Behind a friend’s back, we can only talk about how to help him and about nothing else.
From the Convention in Vilnius “From Chaos to Harmony,” Day One 11/3/17, Lesson 1

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New Life #385 – Cooperative Life On The Kibbutz Today And In The Past

New Life #385 – Cooperative Life On The Kibbutz Today And In The Past
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


The founders of the kibbutz came from Russia and the Ukraine where life was very hard. They built the kibbutzim (plural of kibbutz) in order to survive. The cooperation was egoistic and they formed closed societies. In the future, there will be a new form of cooperative living that functions in accordance with the laws of nature.
From KabTV’s “New Life #385 – Cooperative Life On The Kibbutz Today And In The Past,” 5/29/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12/5/17

Preparation for the Lesson

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Writings of Rabash, Vol. 1, Article 19 “You Stand Today, All of You” 

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Shamati #25, “Things that Come from the Heart” 

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Lesson on the Topic: “The Hardening of the Heart at the Entrance to Ibur (Conception)” 

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