The Elite And The Masses

laitman_571_03Comment: James Traub, member of the American Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), Harvard graduate, and member of one of the richest families in America, wrote an article entitled “It’s Time for the Elites to Rise Up Against the Ignorant Masses” (Financial Policy). In it, he claims, “The Brexit has laid bare the political schism of our time. It’s not about the left vs. the right; it’s about the sane vs. the mindlessly angry.” In support of this view, he cited “the Brexit vote was the utter repudiation of the bankers and economists and Western heads of state who warned voters against the dangers of a split with the European Union.” He contends that “Extremism has gone mainstream.” And that “Today’s citizen revolt — in the United States, Britain, and Europe — may upend politics as nothing else has in my lifetime.”

Answer: Many today are uneducated, poor, and unemployed, but who is responsible for that? It is the elite, isn’t it? Who controls the right buttons, the cables, and the connections? Is it the masses? Who twists and manipulates them? Of course it is the elite along with the police, the military, the media, journalists, television, and the radio. Therefore the coming war is the war of the elite against their own people.

Lately, we have been witnessing a growing gap between the elite and the masses because the middle class has been totally erased and there is nothing left of it. The masses are becoming increasingly impoverished while the elite are getting richer with totally unnecessary wealth. But egoism tells them to grab, take, and deplete the masses. The result is that 90% of the people fall and 10% rise sharply. How will it all end? It is hard to say and even frightening to think about, because egoism encourages  them to destroy the masses, leaving 15-20% of the population in order to provide services to the elite. And all the rest, in line with fascist theory, will be destroyed because today the world is truly gravitating to fascism.

Question: Do they have the means to exterminate people?

Answer: They have everything. They are developing a unisex approach, thus decreasing the birth rate. They are diminishing people’s desire for a family through advertising and the media. We will soon see the great damage that modern medications are causing and what happens with the health care services, with drugs, and with every aspect of our life.

The most important thing for the elite is to disconnect the masses from active life and bring about their gradual disappearance in order to rid the world of all the “extra” mouths that have to be fed. There are very serious efforts made in this direction. I believe that they will add biological factors that have been especially developed in the form of different bacteria. We are yet to see a certain illness that has no vaccination. It is all done gradually, but it is starting to work and we will see that during one generation humanity will be reduced by two or three billion people.

Question: What is your opinion on what is happening?

Answer: There are many different options, one of which is the path of suffering and the other the path of general unity: both of the elite and the masses.

The path of unity is possible only if we manage through the help of the upper force to convince most of the people in the world, that we need to realize the dead end all the other methods bring us to. The path of suffering can take on different forms, like Fascism or a world war, and at the same time, civil wars and general hatred. Moreover, the elite will spur the immigrants in Europe through the media channels or in other ways—they know how to do it—and thus incite them against the local populations. Thus, a couple of million immigrants will erase Europe. Then it will not be a problem to get rid of the immigrants. We are about to witness very interesting events.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/30/16

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  1. but if i were like god who can do and undo things i would kill people.

  2. but like this: i do things make people forget and can undo it then i will do it. but what if they suffer in the meanwhile? even if they forget wouldnt it stay with them? i will remember what i did?

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