My Thoughts On Twitter, 11/29/17


You are given the chance to make yourself and the world happier. And your reward is the attainment of the upper world, eternity of existence—both your own and all of creation. All while still living in this world. Every day becomes #Thanksgiving!

You cannot relate to the #future correctly without justifying your states in the past, accepting everything as coming from the Creator, for there’s “None else besides Him.” The past couldn’t have been any different, but the future depends on your similarity to the Creator.

#Internet wars are waged by forming new meanings in society. This allows for fracturing of society via the Internet, forming new artificial associations & organizations, feeding the desired meaning through them into the society and thus taking full control over the government.

Special “societies” are out to transform the public by destroying traditional #values & instilling instead universal liberal values, up to self-destruction. Kabbalah: we must protect the individuality of every person, building unity while preserving everyone’s individual traits.

Every #soul is broken into myriad egoistic desires. They manifest in an orderly fashion to be corrected, to turn them from egoistic application (Aviut) to altruistic application (Masach). So, one must accept disturbances as help, and rejoice at them.

The Creator’s goal is to bestow contentment to the creatures. So, if you start feeling doubts, don’t reject but accept them instead, for disturbances appear not to throw you off the path, but just the opposite, to raise you to the next degree. And then you exert to ascend to it.

See the Creator manifesting Himself in you behind every thought and desire. He is your root! #PositiveThoughts

#Renewable energy isn’t a free source of energy by any means. Such a thing cannot exist, because our world is a closed system. Convenience and cleanliness are possible, but at a cost. The solution lies in mastering the energy of bestowal by the Last Generation.

From Twitter, 11/29/17

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