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My Facebook Page: “Drought In The Middle East”

From My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 12/24/17

There’s a drought in the Middle East. But Israel, The Startup Nation, seemed to have found a solution for that. While most countries in the region are drying up out of lack of water, Israel is in a more encouraging situation, leading the way in desalination facilities, which greatly alleviate the shortage of rainwater, bringing desalinated water to one third of Israeli homes!

So perhaps Israel should work to solve the water crisis of neighboring countries and help build their technological infrastructure for water supply? Simply put, this is not Israel’s role. Our role is to provide a very different kind of technology: one that enables all people to unite above their differences. To be a “Light unto the nations,” or as The Book of Zohar describes it: “Israel is the first and foremost recipient of all the abundance, and from them it will spread to the entire world.”

Therefore, praying together for rain, as some Israeli leaders have suggested, is not going to help anyone. Instead, we must wish for only one thing: Unity above all rifts and factions, to embrace and support each other, and feel as one. By virtue of the unifying connection between us, we will feel the harmony that flows in nature itself, and come into balance with it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah does not deal with miracles or mysticism. It explains the balancing laws and forces of nature. Because what drove nature out of balance and caused water shortages, among other things, are forces of separation that stem from the human level. As long as human society is in any type of conflict, planet earth will necessarily stay imbalanced. Surely, this is not a standard explanation, but it’s the very root of the crisis, and hence the key to the solution as well.

Though we are providing many water related high-tech solutions, the key to the right connection between people, deeply embedded in the foundation of the Jewish people, hasn’t been given to the world thus far. When we finally activate it, writes the greatest Kabbalist of the 20th century, “the springs of reason and knowledge will rise above the borders of Israel and “water” all the nations of the world.” (Baal HaSulam)

What Is The Feeling Of Disgust?

laitman_545Question: What is the property of disgust? Where does it come from and why do we need it?

Answer: The feeling of disgust is a feeling of inconsistency with someone or something, when you feel that it is not yours.

Disgust arises when there is me and something outside of me, and this something is incompatible with me. Then I neglect it, disdain it, push it away. But when this “something” is inside of me, I feel the opposite, I love it.

It happens that a person, seemingly so squeaky clean, disdains anything and everything, but has no disgust with himself. This is an egoistic manifestation toward what is outside of me.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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How To Become Immortal

Laitman_712.03Remark: Humanity has always tried to understand what a soul is, why people react to everything differently, why they perceive the world exactly in this way and not another. The study of this led to the development of psychology.

My Comment: For thousands of years, Kabbalists have very seriously studied what a soul is and attained it. They not only conducted research and wrote books, but they revealed it from their own experience, absolutely reliably.

But due to the fact that humanity could not attain the soul, it invented religions that promised a person immortality for performing certain actions in this world.

In fact, in order to become immortal, we must exit our egoism because it destroys us, swallows us into itself. Rising above it, we acquire the quality of bestowal, exit into the next dimension, and thus begin to really feel immortality.

A person can reach this in our world, in this life, now—he does not need to die at all to experience it. This is the purpose of Kabbalah. Study it and you will see how close this can be to you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/3/17

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 195

laitman_282.02Question: Is attainment of the Creator a kind of wonderful feeling of super-intelligence, full of knowledge, or is it simply a feeling of union with the world and love for people?

Answer: It includes all the senses and all the mind.

Question: Is it worth reading something about the wisdom of Kabbalah and thinking about the group of ten during my daily work at my job? Why specifically yes or no?

Answer: It is necessary to try not to be detached from the true picture of the world.

Question: How long did you study before crossing the Machsom (barrier)? What is the average period of time until one crosses the Machsom?

Answer: A few years, no less than 5.

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New Life #195 – Creating A Relationship As A Couple, Part 1

New Life #195 – Creating A Relationship As A Couple, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Couples thrive when they are part of a larger society that aims toward achieving balance through mutual concession. People need to forego external appearances and seek out life partners who shares similar values and attitudes toward life. In the future, people will marry only after consulting experts regarding compatibility and relationship based on integral education.
From KabTV’s “New Life #195 – Creating Creating A Relationship As A Couple,” Part 1, 6/9/13

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