How To Become Immortal

Laitman_712.03Remark: Humanity has always tried to understand what a soul is, why people react to everything differently, why they perceive the world exactly in this way and not another. The study of this led to the development of psychology.

My Comment: For thousands of years, Kabbalists have very seriously studied what a soul is and attained it. They not only conducted research and wrote books, but they revealed it from their own experience, absolutely reliably.

But due to the fact that humanity could not attain the soul, it invented religions that promised a person immortality for performing certain actions in this world.

In fact, in order to become immortal, we must exit our egoism because it destroys us, swallows us into itself. Rising above it, we acquire the quality of bestowal, exit into the next dimension, and thus begin to really feel immortality.

A person can reach this in our world, in this life, now—he does not need to die at all to experience it. This is the purpose of Kabbalah. Study it and you will see how close this can be to you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/3/17

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