The Mirror Of My Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we and should we try to overcome the situations when we feel physical hostility, apathy, indifference, and the desire to be just an observer during the congress?

Answer: It all depends on the mood. How can there be a physical aversion, for instance, to your child? Someone else could dislike him but for me he is my own. A woman understands this. So, it all depends on what we will tune ourselves to.

There is no concept of “physical hostility,” there is just the goal. And to the extent it is important to me, I begin to perceive the means to achieve this goal with the same value and greatness of glory as to the goal itself. If for the sake of the goal I have to get close with someone, talk, hug, and feel that we are together in a unifying action, then I do not look at the person.

And generally, what does something external mean? After all, it’s not people I am shown but my attitude to them, my own reflection in a certain image. By observing this person, I can discern how much I need to work on myself and he or she has absolutely nothing to do with it. It is not a person but my own egoism I am seeing in such a form. It is like a mirror in which I view myself. It is a whole system, as stated in one of the Shamati articles: “The Creator is Your Shadow.”

So, how can there be rejection? On the contrary, what puts you off is exactly the most efficient method, a possibility to converge, to rise above yourself. Try it and you will see that this is so. And throughout, it will be tormenting you inside, throwing you back, but you should keep going forward. Do not waste your time! It’s a shame to be losing it. See everyone, try to annul yourself, and then you will be taken by the flow into oneness with all.

I would encourage all women to ask each other’s forgiveness before the congress, forget the old stuff and start at a whole new level. Try to rise above yourselves a little; otherwise, what are you doing studying Kabbalah? You cannot always watch your “self”. On the contrary, you should stamp your foot on it and grind.
From the Virtual Lesson 1/6/13

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