Convergence Of Two Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I correctly prepare for the women’s convention?

Answer: First, we should review the materials that relate to women’s work.

Basically, in our time, there is not much difference between men’s and women’s work because a gradual convergence is taking place. We see how the women of the world occupy leadership positions, are heads of state, ministers, and managers of various companies. Today, they are equally involved with men in all the spheres of activity.

Although women are inherently more inclined to something specific, standard, stable, and not the activities that constantly demand drastic changes, the time has come when both desires—male and female—come together in our world and in the spiritual world. This occurs in accordance with the spiritual roots, and thus it is necessary to think how to bring them together even closer. This is what we are going to be engaged in at the convention: The women must understand the goal before them.

Never before have women become united together. We had all sorts of attempts to unite in groups, during general conventions, but there wasn’t such a convention to make the desire of all the women as one woman’s desire, to create a unified image of women’s desire.

That is why the preparation for the convention is to think more about it, read, clarify the questions on this topic, and upload all the questions and answers on the website.

The most important thing is to be in a good mood, good spirit. Those who come here will inevitably enter this atmosphere. Those who will be connected to us should be prepared to get into it: They should be free of all their activities and feel as though they are here with us. I think we will give them the feeling of complete presence at the convention.
From the Virtual Lesson 1/6/13

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