A Convention That Will Ignite The Flame In Our Hearts

Dr. Michael LaitmanOn the 13th of January, there will be the first global women’s convention. Our entire world group needs this special awakening on the part of the women. I am very happy that the women are enthusiastic and understanding regarding this special event. They are ready to do whatever they can, and I hope it will bear fruit. I advise every woman who can come from overseas and from Israel to register, and not to miss this meeting. The registration ends on Wednesday January 9th.

We expect this convention to be a great ascent that will provide all of us with a new deficiency. In every family, the woman “fires up” her husband, and we want that this flare up to be a million times more intensive and that a real burning fire of desire aimed at the goal will surround us. The women are ready and able to do that.

On the whole, a purposeful woman is more than 90% of the success. It isn’t by chance that we say that behind every successful man there is a woman. It is true. Here in spirituality, it is 100% true. I can hardly imagine a man’s success along the spiritual path without female support. So, why do we need all these hardships if we can connect according to the law of root and branch? It is written, “A man and a woman—Divinity between them.” The connection begins in the family and continues in the group, and it reaches the connection with the Creator. So, eventually, we will resemble Him as one image of one man.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/6/13, “Body and Soul”

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  1. will the women convention be broadcast on kabbalah TV? if yes, at what time?

    thank you!

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