The Women’s Convention: A Prayer

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What prayer should come from a unified woman?

Answer: One unified prayer should come out from a unified woman to a unified man with the purpose of further unity! And nothing more. And the same thing is from the man because through the unity between us we will attain what is called “Adam” inside which the Creator will be revealed, as it is said: “Man, woman, Shechina between them.” We need to reach such a state when the right and the left lines join into the middle line and the Creator will be revealed in it.

So now both women and men are preparing: the women at their convention and the men at their convention at the end of the same week. And then we will see what to do; I think that we will be able to create such desires when the women’s unity gives us a unified image of the woman and the men’s unity a unified image of the man, and then we will able to start uniting spiritually. We will begin to feel how much we miss each other in spirituality, to feel as the property of reception and the property of bestowal begin to connect mutually, and the Creator will be revealed between us. This is what we must achieve.

So, the general woman’s desire (Hissaron) is manifested when rising above ourselves to adhere to the Creator we feel that on the way to the Creator, we need to find our match, the men’s part.

This is the ultimate connection! You will feel how it fills you with joy, the highest ecstasy, its fulfillment! It’s impossible to put into words! Imagine various pleasures of this world, gather them together from all the people on Earth for millions of years, and you will feel this powerful pleasure a billion times more. There is no comparison, and it is only the Light of Nefesh de Nefesh, the smallest spiritual light.
From the Virtual Lesson 1/6/13

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