My Thoughts On Twitter, 11/30/17


There’s no loftier sensation in our world than growing distant from the world and experiencing #spiritual ascent in unity with the friends…

You can study a bird in flight, make mathematic analyses and build flying devices using them. Or you can acquire the bird’s natural qualities and fly. Herein lies the difference between #science and Kabbalah, which doesn’t get “smart” but transforms man into an omnipotent creature.

Our #freedom lies only in being able to change not reality itself, but our attitude toward it. Reality is created by illuminating our egoistic Reshimot. Your attitude toward this changes reality, the way you perceive it: this world (bad) or the upper world (good).

After one becomes capable of bestowal, one is able to receive the upper light and pass it through oneself to everyone else. One isn’t restricted in any way in this, and becomes a vessel for infinite light, passing it from the Upper One to the lower ones. #consciousness

From Twitter, 11/30/17

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