What Is Love?

laitman_625.03Question: What can a person do if during his entire life he never experienced love?

Answer: It depends for whom. If a person does not feel love for himself, this is some kind of abnormality, because love for ourselves is our nature. If he does not feel love for others, then this is natural and he is a normal, healthy person.

Question: Why do some say in response to the phrase “love your neighbor as yourself”: “I do not love myself very much, so I will not love others very much either”?

Answer: Try to love others the way you love yourself and you will see how much you love yourself. You will suddenly discover that you love yourself more and more every day.

Question: Is love a state, a feeling, or some kind of quality, a force, in a person?

Answer: Love is a feeling when I feel I belong to myself. The force of belonging to yourself is called love.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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