Love And Hatred

Laitman_120Question: Why is love always perceived as something elevated and beautiful and hatred as bad and evil?

Answer: This is natural because love evokes positive feelings in us and brings joy. As a rule, it does not cause pain and harm to anyone. A person is elevated through it.

It is not just about love between a man and woman. We are talking about love for children, for a neighbor, for nature, and for everything. Love is a positive feeling because it comes from the feeling of the correct attitude of the Creator toward the creatures.

However, in us, it clothes in our egoism and therefore turns into something opposite— into love for oneself and no more for anyone and anything else. It manifests itself on all levels: food, sex, family, wealth, power, fame, and knowledge.

Therefore, love dressed in egoism can be very cruel. It manifests itself in completely opposite qualities, in hatred for everything, the opposite to this love. However, this is just in our world.

And if we are talking about the upper state of love, there love is above our egoism, the same way it is in the external nature, like in the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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  1. Good morning Rabbi, in times when i felt love i acted like a fool, cause they love io received was fake and part of the game. I oppose you’re teachings that Cheses , Love is the eternal evil, cause i know only cause God felt Love he made big bang and created. Without the love of God Chesed the lamb, God had accepted Av’s son offering and you all would not live. But to trick Chesed is dangerous. See in times when i always hated, and i do not make myself any illusions anymore, i am hated, stay away from the evil, i reached the highest stage of my education forced by elders. There are some who love me, but only few, the majority hates me. I can say, as Chesed, it is time to act like Chokmah, kill the evil and haters without Chesed for them. Expect no mery. This is theday when Jesus turns into Salomo, cause David Da’at command me, cause i am on my way to Ketehr Elion, back home. We are still one undivideable Family, Haters helped me to feel the hate, i thank them, and send them into the grave where they can stay forever. If i have to kill 6,5 Billion human sbeens, so what, i am Moschiach ben David, i am allowed to do everythingi want. On judgement day i have even power over the 500 Million souls, who have a Chance, when the haters are gone.

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