Why People Lie

laitman_559Question: Scientists say that people lie to preserve their value in the eyes of others. According to psychologists, the so-called “white lie” is used in this case. What is a lie from your point of view?

Answer: A lie is a natural defensive reaction of an organism that doesn’t want to see itself damaged and humiliated. What difference does it make to me whether it’s a lie or the truth? The main thing is to keep myself at a certain level. If I need to lie, I’ll lie, and if I need to tell the truth, I’ll tell the truth. I don’t take into account either one or the other, I consider only my inner state.

Therefore, people don’t have any understanding of what is a lie or the truth. Everything is determined only in relation to a person. You can’t say to someone, “Why are you lying?” He’ll say, “I’m not lying, for me this is the truth.” Why is it the truth? Because in this way, I support myself in the best possible condition. That’s the only truth!

Objective truth doesn’t exist because our nature is only the desire to receive pleasure and to keep ourselves in the state of maximum possible comfort at any moment in time. Therefore, what supports this state is the truth for me, and what doesn’t support it is a lie.

Question: What is a lie in the Kabbalistic sense?

Answer: In the Kabbalistic sense, everything is evaluated only with respect to the purpose of creation. Everything that is in agreement with the purpose of creation is the truth, and whatever isn’t in agreement is a lie. What leads to bestowal, love, adhesion with the upper force, and ascent to the next level is the truth. All the opposite is a lie.

Question: What if this isn’t related to the purpose of creation and exists as we do in this world? Is it the truth or a lie?

Answer: Nothing can be said. We see in different eras and in different cultures completely different criteria for truth or a lie.

Question: Does it mean that we live in the world without coordinates?

Answer: Of course. Coordinates indicate how my egoistic heart twists me. One minute I can say, “Yes, this is the truth” and the next minute I say, “No, this is a lie.”
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/1/17

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