Reveal Your Spiritual Potential

Laitman_032.01Question: Can a person live normally and develop spiritually if he does not feel loved by other people?

Answer: A person must develop in order to reveal his spiritual potential. It is a pity that life goes by in vain. Therefore, he does not need to pay much attention to anything. If he is given the opportunity to study within the framework of our organization, the opportunity to develop his spiritual qualities, then everything else depends on him.

Nothing else is needed. In this, he does not depend on anyone. He can even remain alone in front of his computer if there is no one around him. It is desirable, of course, that he has friends, a group, but if he does not, then virtual connection is sufficient for him to correct his egoism. To correct means to counterbalance his ego with the opposite quality, and based on the contrast between them to attain the Creator.

He will reveal the love that fills the whole universe. After all, a person who begins to deeply engage in Kabbalah sometimes receives such a state when love that fills the whole world is revealed to him. But then this state disappears, and after a while, he must attain this state by himself.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/6/17

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