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How do we reveal the #Creator in our world? Like a fossil can reveal the whole organism, so everything in the soul is included in a spark of light. We don’t make a new creation, but simply reveal the already existing mechanism of our connection with the Creator.

Our whole #life is a puzzle! But this puzzle contains the Creator’s design. So, by completing this puzzle, with the desire to attain its maker, we attain Him. Nothing is required of us but this search. Like an infant that suckles milk and grows.

One’s soul is part of the Creator. If one united with other parts/souls/aspirations toward the Creator, he senses that he gradually collects all of the Creator’s parts, acquiring His qualities, His light. This is the practical #Kabbalah .

Is man equal to God? Does He depend on us… #God

The war is btwn forces of separation & unity (toward Creator, toward me). Creator is the force of unity, so Maccabees won and added the force of unity to the single—day portion of oil, rising 8 levels from Malchut to Bina, bond with the Creator—hence the oil burned for 8 days.

When people’s opposite qualities unite for the sake of one a common goal, a group is born—harmony and #spiritual life is revealed. Each one works opposite the others, like musicians in an orchestra. “Concerto” means “accord” (Italian) and “competition” (Latin).

We must build a bond between us—a place where the Creator will be revealed. The Creator has no image—He is the force of bestowal that we project on the screen, on our #connection, which we make like Him. He manifests on this screen like a photograph​ic processing.

#​​Revelation of the upper world shows that man is a will to fulfill himself, changing only relative to Creator, the quality of bestowal, becoming more like Him. To the degree he acquires the quality of bestowal, this is called LIFE—living in the Creator/the upper world.

Extreme states in #spiritual work: darkness/descent/separation & light/ascent/nearing the Creator. A state of Hanukkah is acquired in the struggle btwn forces of light/darkness at each degree until one finds​​ a “point in heart”—can of oil—and lights it via adhesion w. Creator.

Like a flying saucer, the group moves from a level distant to the Creator to one near Him, depending on the crew’s unity—their similarity to the Creator. Uniting makes it a #Soul. As it becomes like the Creator, the surrounding field, it moves along 125 circumferences.

#​Spiritual space is a field of bestowal, an equivalence to the Creator, from minus through zero to plus. By uniting, a group senses itself in this space, returning to the Creator, being in a place farther (embryo level) or closer (higher level) relative to the Creator.

#Man thinks that the Creator must draw closer and reveal Himself, but in truth it is he who must correct himself so as to draw closer to and become more and more like the Creator. The difference is man’s perception: who must act and change, the person or the Creator.

From Twitter, 12/21/17

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