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Entrance to the upper world: If I can experience sensations of ascents & descents without falling into depression or joy, control opposite states by cancelling myself, giving myself to the Creator, deem these states necessary for my development, that makes me a #spiritual embryo.

Dozens of countries have created #TROLL FACTORIES—organized groups of Internet users tasked with and rewarded for manipulating public opinion. The strategy of online manipulation influences elections, advertisement. In the future, it could turn people into zombies.

We attain everything by contrast. Presently we’re not opposite to the upper world, so we don’t perceive it. This is why we need “descents”—revelations of the upper world’s concealments, and ascents—its revelation. And so on through the complete #revelation of the upper world.

In bestowal, tomorrow or even the next moment, ceases to exist. All you care about is bestowing! Tomorrow vanishes from your field of view, thought & calculation! It doesn’t exist! You delve into the action of bestowal & “melt” into everyone else. Nothing of you remains. #giving

Ex-manager of Facebook says they created a tool that’s ripping apart the social fabric of society and promotes misinformation. Social media weighs on the psyche & exploits everything to its advantage. The ego turns everything against man. #socialmedia

If you rise above the ego, will to receive, the sensation of Time-Motion-Space disappears, as they are qualities of the #ego, and if one stops caring for oneself, one exists above the nature of this world. From there one can unite through the group with the Creator in an Embryo.

Fake industry devalues the Internet. Soon nobody will take Facebook posts, YouTube videos, or Amazon reviews seriously. Trump’s fake speech on readiness to attack N.Korea could plunge the world into chaos. We should treat digital information like a movie. #fakenews

#OsipMandelstam: During the period of dissolution, the meaning of the past is illuminated because the indifference of the future is still not there, but the reasoning of the past has already collapsed and lies differ sharply from the truth.

Ex-VP of Facebook says social media is ripping apart the social fabric of society, manipulates the public, promotes lies & misinformation, a “hard break” is the only solution. But there’s a better solution: correct human nature by the wisdom of Kabbalah. @chamath

Happy Hanukkah! May we be victorious above and despite the ego, so that everyone could come to attain and realize the eternal and perfect upper (spiritual) world! #Hanukkah

An example of growing #antisemitism: … Unless Jews start realizing their duty to the nations of the world, being an example and giving a method of unity, the whole world will soon turn to us with hatred. This is nature’s law!

From Twitter, 12/16/17

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