A Neutral Attitude To Kabbalah Does Not Exist

laitman_281.02Question: It is hard for a person to remain neutral when he gets acquainted with Kabbalah. He either becomes its adversary and hater or a faithful ally. What determines which side a person will take?

Answer: It depends on the extent of the development of his “point in the heart,” on the force with which it is burning, and on the demand to break free and find an answer about the meaning of life. He will not be able to mute it and decide that the meaning of life is in observing religious traditions; he wants to discover the upper world.

A person’s nature decides what he will be: an opponent of Kabbalah or its faithful ally. I did not have a choice, I had to become a Kabbalist because the question about the meaning of life was vital for me and demanded me to find an answer to it.

All of humanity is divided into two types of people according to this feature. This division also exists inside each person; one part opposes Kabbalah and the other is attracted to it. Such a confrontation can continue till the end of the path.

Question: Have you ever had a desire to give up Kabbalah?

Answer: No, never. There were periods of weakness, which each one has, but I could not imagine how it could be possible to leave for good. It is necessary to believe that there is an upper program that guides a person. No matter where he wants to turn, the program leads him to the designated goal.

Question: Why does the upper program, which is the Creator that wants to be revealed in the created beings, awaken in people such a resistance to Kabbalah throughout all of history and even nowadays, when Kabbalah must be revealed to everyone?

It is interesting that the negative attitude to Kabbalah is akin to anti-Semitism, when clever, intelligent, and progressive people, for example, such free thinkers as Voltaire, at the mention of the Jews, as if lose their mind and begin to swear like troopers. The same attitude exists to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the mention of which turns clever, educated people into thick ignoramuses. Where does this come from?

Answer: This resistance comes from the fact that there are two forces in nature, the force of bestowal and the force of reception. A person by his nature belongs to the force of reception, which is to the desire to enjoy for the sake of his own pleasure. We accept everything that works for our enjoyment, this is close and understandable to us, and we can appreciate this and understand each other.

We are always in the process of “buying and selling,” trying to extract maximum pleasure from each other. As it is written, “Go make a living of each other.” Our lives consists of this, like in the market. Everybody understands that we are egoists; this is the basis of politics, philosophy and everything else.

Besides, we also see egoistic connections in nature, in physics, chemistry, inside inanimate matter, plants, and animals. At the level of elementary particles, molecules, and the most developed organisms, up to the human, his mind and feelings, everything acts according to the laws of egoism, the desire to enjoy. Therefore, egoism is understandable to everyone.

However, when it comes to the wisdom of Kabbalah that speaks about the opposite nature, about the force of bestowal and love that does not exist in our world, it causes bewilderment. After all, for us even bestowal is only for our own sake and love is only for ourselves.

Therefore, we do not understand what Kabbalah is talking about. We are not capable of perceiving that there is such a formula of when you act for the benefit of others. If someone ever thought that he acted for the sake of others, it was a hidden reception and a concern for himself.

The wisdom of Kabbalah says that we need to rise above our nature to such an extent that we cease feeling ourselves at all and receive a new desire that does not exist in our world. It dwells above the roof of this world where we will acquire a different, opposite desire for bestowal and a program that operates according to a principle opposite to the current one.

If today we want to be filled with all the goodness and our mind and feelings are directed only at our own pleasure, then there we will act in an opposite way aspiring to fulfill our neighbor. We will have to approach and love selflessly, not our child, friend, or homeland, but someone opposite to us and even hated by our egoism.
From KabTV’s “The reasons for the negative attitude towards Kabbalah” 7/19/17

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