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My Thoughts On Twitter, 9/16/17


Our negative connections cause nature’s imbalance with #cataclysms—thus #nature cleanses itself, by expelling us & striving for balance.

Balancing nature via physical means is impossible. We must influence from a higher level via positive thoughts and relationships. #quote

US #debt now exceeds 20 trillion dollars, but that should only worry US creditors, so let’s continue!

From Twitter, 9/16/17

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What Is The Significance Of Developing Unconsciously?

laitman_626Question: What is the significance of the unconscious development 99% of the time of 99% of the people if the goal is quite the opposite, reaching absolute awareness and the semblance of the Creator of 100% of the people?

Answer: The point is that freewill must be kept here. Therefore, we shouldn’t rush humanity by a stick to happiness only and make them go through all the states at one time in order to attain the final uppermost level. It is impossible. A person needs to go through every state, to discover and assess what has happened, the current situation, and what will be, what is worth making efforts against his nature for and what is not.

So it is not an easy process. Every time a person reaches a decision, it has to perfectly match the spiritual level to which he wants to ascend. This is the reason that he must understand what that spiritual level is, what state he is in with regard to it, etc.

This is very complicated work of scrutinizing states, starting from the current level until the next level. A person scrutinizes how to find the forces and the attributes inside him that will change him so that he will become more similar to the higher level. It is impossible to digest all that at once. It requires great many efforts, time, and working with the environment and the group.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/2/17

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Who Invented The Language Of Branches

laitman_531.03Question: Who invented the language of branches and what circumstances caused such a need?

Answer: The question about the creation of languages is very complicated. The language of branches was invented 6,000 years ago by Adam who felt the upper attributes and the attributes of our world, and compared the two. He began to call objects in our world by certain sounds and combinations of sounds, and this where Aramaic and Hebrew stem from.

These two languages are close in their essence and written by the same signs, but there is a difference in the way they are written. The wisdom of Kabbalah uses both languages because they connect the upper world with our world. The other languages emerged later.

The language of branches is written in words used in our world, but the words refer to the forces and attributes of the upper world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/12/17

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Obtaining Freedom By Becoming A Slave Of The Creator

Laitman_712.03Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: There are two enslavements in the world, either enslavement to the Creator, or enslavement to His creatures. One of them is a must. Even a king and a president necessarily serve the people. Indeed, the taste of complete freedom is only to one who is enslaved to the Creator alone, and not to any being in the world. Enslavement is necessary, for reception is obscene; it is beastliness. And bestowal, the question is “To whom?”

It is very clearly and sharply said. By our nature we are opposite to the Creator. Egoism limits us and reduces us to one small animalistic point.

Therefore, only if we enslave and tame it, bind it within ourselves, make a restriction on it and build our existence above it, do we achieve the quality of the Creator. In this case, nothing stops us; we become limitless and absolutely not subjected to any kind of restrictions.

This is indeed the achievement of infinity because if I rise above my egoism, then nothing restricts me and I continue advancing only in the attainment of the Creator. And the Creator is the entire universe: both from the point of view of matter and from the point of view of its filling.

Question: However, a negative connotation prevails in the word “slave.” Why must a citizen of the last generation feel like a slave and not like an accomplice of the Creator?

Answer: This state cannot be expressed in any way other than as a slave of the Creator.

Today we are slaves of our egoism, and even double slaves because we are not aware of this. Egoism enslaves us so much that we do not feel our slavery.

Imagine that there is a planet where people work all the time for an evil master who sits on the top of a high mountain; they, drugged with laughing gas, are full of happiness, and work for him with pleasure and great devotion. This is us today.

We do not feel our slavery to egoism, and we are pleased that we are working for it more and more. We work hard in order to enjoy and it looks like we do enjoy, we just do not see where it all disappears. Yet, everything goes into egoism and along the way there is practically nothing left for us.

Therefore, the realization that you are a slave of egoism is a great insight that does not come to a person easily.

To exit ignorance is possible only with the help of the upper Light, the special energy that allows you to rise, exit your egoism, and feel that you are suddenly leaving it. Previously you did not imagine that it was in you or that you were in it. You worked for it constantly and all your thoughts, feelings, and senses were completely in it.

It is like leaving the atmosphere. You never lacked the feeling of it and suddenly you feel that you can exit it. This is when you begin feeling: “Yes, I was a slave.”

Even in our world it is not simple to feel slavery. People who were slaves in previous generations did not consider their lives to be bad. They thought it was right, that they were born this way and they will die this way. They fully agreed with this until egoism itself began to grow and lead them to the next state.

The development of egoism occurred under the influence of the upper force, the Creator, since the Creator wanted to take humanity through the stage of physical slavery.

Now we have come to a state when we must fully understand our internal spiritual slavery that forces us to correlate everything only to egoism in all our sensations and to understand the world in which we live. Egoism commands us in everything: how to feel the world, how to interact with it, and what to want.

A question arises: How do we remove this egoistic program from ourselves and begin to look at the world correctly? How to replace egoism with a different slavery and become slaves of the Creator and nothing else? After all, what can we do? We can only replace one thing with another because the point of choice is between these two states. And we begin to feel that by choosing slavery to the Creator, we chose freedom above egoism.

Thus, the last generation is the transformation of society and consciousness, the liberation from its previous program of functioning in thoughts and feelings, like in the computer, when you completely erase the previous program in yourself and begin loading a new one.

Question: So the ultimate skill is that I begin to feel as a slave to my egoism?

Answer: You begin to feel this way because the previous program suddenly stops working; it is obsolete and already cannot solve new problems. It impedes your existence and needs to be changed.

This is why today we feel ourselves and the world in crisis. “Crises” translated from in ancient Greek is “birth.” This really is the birth of a new program.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/19/17

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“The Siege And The Desperation Which Your Enemies Will Bring Upon You”

laitman_423.01Torah, Deuteronomy 28:53: And during the siege and the desperation which your enemies will bring upon you, you will eat the fruit of your womb, the flesh of your sons and daughters, whom the Lord, your God, gave you.

If you cannot correct yourself, then all your actions that you are trying to perform with the best intentions nevertheless will be turning into impure ones and they will be detrimental to you. This is called “the fruit of your womb.”

Everything that will be born from you, all your actions, are “the flesh of your sons and daughters.”

And if you do not have strength to repel your enemy (egoism) and to begin using it for bestowal and love, then it will always besiege you. Either it will be ready to kill you or you will be ready to correct it.

Question: But it will always besiege me?

Answer: It is outside of you. As we learn from the method of perception of the universe, all my externality is actually projected outside of me and I see it outside of me as a result of my uncorrected state.

Question: Why do I have to see it outside of me?

Answer: This way you understand it more and you can see it better. It is like a map where you see everything on a small scale, say millimetre by millimetre. If we increase the scale significantly, then you will have to get on the plane in order to fly over this map and see everything on it.

Question: Does it mean that I cannot clearly see egoism within myself?

Answer: You cannot at all. Only through the things you see outside of you. Therefore, everything you see: good and kind or evil and bad points at your inner qualities.

For example, animals are ashamed of nothing, but a man is ashamed of some things within him because he looks at himself by looking at others. If this external object were inside him, he would not see it; he would not be ashamed and could not learn anything.

This way he educates himself through strangers, although they are not strangers but his inner qualities that are presented to him in a form of an external theatre. They play in front of him all the inner phenomena that occur in him. All his thoughts, desires, and intentions, he sees around himself.

Question: Can I train myself to live like this or not?

Answer: When the Light shines, you see that this is so. Up to the point that you clearly understand everything.

Moreover, you begin to correct yourself by directing these “artists,” “extras,” and the whole world. They show you where you still have not achieved perfection. The moment you achieve it, they all end up within you.

Question: What is primary here? Do I begin to change myself and see how they change, or I somehow change them and this way I myself change?

Answer: No, you begin to feel that only by changing your inner attitude you change their external behavior.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/21/16

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New Life 883 – The Attitude To Concepts Like Good And Evil In A Kabbalistic Group

New Life 883 – The Attitude To Concepts Like Good And Evil In A Kabbalistic Group
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

What is the right attitude toward the revelation of evil in a group of Kabbalah students? Why is mutual help so important along the spiritual way and what is the criterion for the right spiritual action.
From KabTV’s “New Life 883 – The Attitude To Concepts Like Good And Evil In A Kabbalistic Group,” 7/18/17

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Hebron Is Not Yours

Laitman_022In the News (U.S. News): The U.N. cultural agency has declared the old city in the biblical West Bank town of Hebron as a Palestinian world heritage site—a decision that has outraged Israeli officials who say the move negates the deep Jewish ties to the ancient shrine.”

My Comment: So they say and let them talk. We shouldn’t express our discontent or do anything about it. Everyone knows what the Jewish origin is, but for them it is important to annul it. Thus, they make several decisions and write new books in which they tell everything differently and rewrite history.

Question: Do you believe that our logical explanations and the proof we have will never be enough for the UN, UNESCO, or the world?

Answer: Never! We shouldn’t even make any such efforts. We don’t understand how and why this happens and how to prevent it. We have to practically show the whole world who we really are by fulfilling the plan of the creation through us. This is what we have to do. Then the hatred and all the bad accounts with us will disappear. People will come and ask to help us lead the world to connection, friendship, love, and the revelation of the Creator in the general state of unity.

The Creator is the greatest physical, moral, and psychological force of nature. It is energy that surrounds us, operates on us, and impacts us. But we don’t reveal Him; on the contrary, we actually conceal Him.

Imagine that the world is in the middle, the Jews are around it, and the Creator is on a higher level than the Jews. And we don’t allow the whole world a way out to Him. What should the world do? By operating in the opposite direction from the direction we should, by concealing the Creator from the world, we naturally invoke such a reaction from them.

This is the reason UNESCO vote the way they do, the way they want to, and everyone in the world agrees with them and with their campaign against us here in Israel. If we continue to behave this way, everyone will turn their backs on us.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/28/17

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Convention In Georgia “All As One,” Day Three – 09.17.17

Convention “All As One,” in Georgia, Lesson Preparation 6

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Convention “All As One,” in Georgia, “Ibur (Conception),” Lesson 6 

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