Hebron Is Not Yours

Laitman_022In the News (U.S. News): The U.N. cultural agency has declared the old city in the biblical West Bank town of Hebron as a Palestinian world heritage site—a decision that has outraged Israeli officials who say the move negates the deep Jewish ties to the ancient shrine.”

My Comment: So they say and let them talk. We shouldn’t express our discontent or do anything about it. Everyone knows what the Jewish origin is, but for them it is important to annul it. Thus, they make several decisions and write new books in which they tell everything differently and rewrite history.

Question: Do you believe that our logical explanations and the proof we have will never be enough for the UN, UNESCO, or the world?

Answer: Never! We shouldn’t even make any such efforts. We don’t understand how and why this happens and how to prevent it. We have to practically show the whole world who we really are by fulfilling the plan of the creation through us. This is what we have to do. Then the hatred and all the bad accounts with us will disappear. People will come and ask to help us lead the world to connection, friendship, love, and the revelation of the Creator in the general state of unity.

The Creator is the greatest physical, moral, and psychological force of nature. It is energy that surrounds us, operates on us, and impacts us. But we don’t reveal Him; on the contrary, we actually conceal Him.

Imagine that the world is in the middle, the Jews are around it, and the Creator is on a higher level than the Jews. And we don’t allow the whole world a way out to Him. What should the world do? By operating in the opposite direction from the direction we should, by concealing the Creator from the world, we naturally invoke such a reaction from them.

This is the reason UNESCO vote the way they do, the way they want to, and everyone in the world agrees with them and with their campaign against us here in Israel. If we continue to behave this way, everyone will turn their backs on us.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/28/17

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