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Answers To Your Questions, Part 186

laitman_622.02Question: If there is no Creator outside of a person, then “where” does the Creator suffer more than we do?, Also is it only within and not outside a person’s sensations?

It would follow that a Kabbalist would perceive in his senses that the Creator suffers more than he does, but this is basically a false sensation since the Creator does not exist outside of his sensations. Does the Creator “suffer” only when a person feels it?
Is the person truly capable of giving contentment to the Creator through spiritual advancement or is it self-deception?

Answer: The Creator exists above and outside of our states, but we talk about Him as about someone who is like us because we cannot imagine Him in any other way.

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Studying According To Baal HaSulam

laitman_208Question from Facebook: Kabbalah is taught in many places today. What is so special about Baal HaSulam’s method that you teach?

Answer: There are many methods such as the methods of Ramchal, Rabash, Hagrah, or Haba”d. I teach according to Baal HaSulam’s method and that of my teacher Rabash. I cannot say how it differs from other methods. The deeper you penetrate the wisdom of Kabbalah in your study, the more you will be able to see what is best for you. We are all different, and therefore, it says very simply in the Torah that: “A person learns only where his heart desires.”

You should determine what your heart desires and where you can receive the answers that are closest to your heart and which you understand most. Check in places where you can study, but don’t stop in one place. Check several places, see which is closest to you, and study there.

Many people come to study with me, and many leave. I don’t stop anyone in any way. It all depends on the person himself. People have different roots of their soul, and therefore, everyone should study wherever it suits him, where a person feels that he receives an answer, as the divine voice of his soul about what he hears in the lesson.

Question: What do you think is special about the method of Baal HaSulam and Rabash?

Answer: The uniqueness of the method of Baal HaSulam and Rabash is that it is scientific, precise, and expresses the aspiration for definitions that are absolutely exact. Do not dwell on some emotional moments, but give them purely physical definitions.

Question: Is this what appealed to you?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/27/17

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From The Illusory World To The World Of Truth

laitman_423.03Question: How did the transition of the invisible spiritual world into the corporeal world take place?

Answer: There is no matter and there is no corporeality. Everything around us exists in our imagination, only inside of us, in our feelings.

Everything around us is absolutely subjective because we exist in certain coordinates and feel everything with regard to ourselves.

Question: Why is the illusory world in which we live and which exists only in our imagination so terrible and the suffering of millions is so unbearable?

Answer: All the suffering is meant to push us out of it, upward, to a better world. Until we want that ourselves, we will be here and suffer.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/19/17

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The Laws Of Nature Do Not Change

laitman_612Question: The Book of Zohar was written 2,000 years ago. How can it explain my personal feelings and worries today and reveal the connection between us?

Answer: Nothing new has happened in man’s life during the last 2,000 years. Our nature has remained the same. The principles according to which nature operates are the same principles, the laws of physics. It doesn’t really matter whether we know them or not. The laws remain the same laws. They still exist in nature whether we have discovered them or not.

With time, our days will also become ancient history and our descendants will speak about our primitive life, and the world will continue to revolve and to exist.

Question: Will everything in the future be measured according to a person’s level of happiness?

Answer: Basically yes. We will not change anything about the laws of nature. The wisdom of Kabbalah only reveals to us another part of the laws by which we can actually enter an external space.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/12/17

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