How Can You Find The Right Teacher?

Laitman_414Question: How can you find the right teacher? How can I not be mistaken if I am controlled by egoistic illusions? After all, it is said that there are many ways to attain the Creator.

Answer: We still have to clarify the saying “There are many paths to the Creator.” You cannot hide behind various sublime sayings that the ego can interpret any way it likes.

A teacher is the one who, in a spiritual sense, is implicitly perceived without any doubts on the way to the revelation of the upper. Otherwise one will not follow his way will be doomed to fail.

Question: How can a person determine if the teacher is the right teacher or not if he is dominated by his egoistic desires?

Answer: There is no way he can do that! Just as a person doesn’t know his way in life, he doesn’t know the path to the teacher.

How can I explain why I chose Rabash, for example? After all, I didn’t choose him when I drove 30 km on a rainy winter evening to another city and entered a dark, damp small room and found six old men, one of whom was Rabash. How can you describe this?! This is upper fate, luck.

Before that I had searched for many years, but there is not any logical way I can explain this.

Therefore, many come and go in the search for the teacher. They may be lucky and find someone else, and I am all for people’s search. It is written that a person can learn only where his heart desires.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/7/16

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