The Principle Of The Influence Of The Book Of Zohar

laitman_526Question: According to what I understand, reading The Book of Zohar without understanding its content is not a scientific approach; the Reforming Light is a new phenomenon that has not yet been discovered by science. How does the mechanism of the influence of the Light work?

Answer: I can say only one thing: modern science and higher modern science are not prepared to discover the principle according to which The Book of Zohar operates. It is truly an unscientific approach and I confirm this as a scientist.

Science in our world works within the five physical senses; therefore, it cannot be involved with what is found outside of them. We perceive only what enters into our senses, and what is outside of them is as if nothing exists for us. But there is a vast world that we are not aware of and don’t feel because we were created in such a way that we are not prepared to feel it.

The Book of Zohar is involved with expanding the absorption of our senses and makes it possible for us to perceive additional information that we call the upper world.

This is not science, I agree. I was also involved with science in my first professional biocybernetics, and so I understand what you are talking about.

But like The Book of Zohar, the wisdom of Kabbalah also says from the start that it is a different science. If in ordinary science we are involved in an attempt to discover the world around us, so the wisdom of Kabbalah opens inner abilities in us and we perceive the world around us more deeply and wider.

In other words, there is a science that determines the characteristics of a person within which are found what he perceives and investigates. And there is a science that is the wisdom of Kabbalah, which develops the characteristics of the person and investigates what is perceived in the extended characteristics.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/12/17

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