How Can We Resemble The Creator?

laitman_255Question: Do I have to learn the Creator’s attributes if I want to resemble Him? What are those attributes?

Answer: The Creator’s attributes are love and bestowal and so we have to learn to love and to bestow.

I do not mean that we have to love and bestow like we do in our world where I choose whom I want to bestow unto and whom to love as long as it gives me pleasure. Rather, it is about love and bestowal in the spiritual sense.

This means that I ascend from inside myself without taking into account any desire, attribute, or intention that I have because I only have one goal: to fill the other with pleasure. The other refers to a total stranger who does not give me any pleasure in return (like my small child or a family member does).

I am absolutely indifferent to the other one. And even more, if he is indifferent to me, this is one thing, but if I hate him? Then this is an even more serious test. Then I must correct my hatred for love. There are two phases in our ascent and in resembling the Creator. The first is an ascent toward love and bestowal unto those whom I treat in an ordinary manner.

The second is an ascent toward “love thy enemies” as the greatest possible love. The first phase is called GE, or a state of smallness and the second phase is called AHP or a state of greatness of the soul.

Question: Is there an action of courage in spirituality?

Answer: I do not want to speak about specific attributes because then I would have to explain what courage, tranquility, humility, patience, rage, or domination mean in spirituality. All our attributes are essential in order to reach the resemblance of the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/2/17

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