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How Can You Feel The Joy Of Life?

laitman_572.02Question: How does one feel the joy of life?

Answer: Joy comes from the fact that I am connected with something great, very important, eternal, and perfect. Joy should be even from the knowledge that there is the upper force that fills the entire world and arranges everything; it is the first and it is the last, surrounding us from all the sides, as it is written, “Thou hast hemmed me in behind and before.”

What is left to me if everything is in the hands of this upper force? It only remains for me to annul myself. If I annul myself as if I do not exist and pass myself to the dominion of this upper force, the Creator, then I am already an embryo.

And then, I no longer want to be an embryo and to float passively in the world of the Creator as on the waves. I want to become His partner, to participate and to add from myself. Then I begin to work above my self-annulment. But this is already a different type of work that we will study later in practice.

However, joy must be from the very first action. If I completely annul myself, then I get included in the upper force that does everything.

Everything we do in this world is intended only to eventually come to the disappointment and understanding that this is useless work, worthless actions, without meaning, and  that “it is better to sit and do nothing.”

Therefore, if you think like this: Nothing will happen or everything that will happen is done by the Creator; nothing depends on me except to agree with this fact in spite of all the obstacles and confusion, then you already are in the Creator. It is from this that you feel joy. Try it!
From the Lesson on The Book of Zohar, 25 /7/17

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Birth Of A New Program For Life

laitman_537.jpgQuestion: You said that we are actually twice over slaves of egoism. Why twice?

Answer: Because we carry out all the demands of egoism and we are not aware of being slaves to it; that is, we are in double concealment.

Question: Why does a person gain absolute freedom when he becomes a slave to the Creator?

Answer: The thing is that we are not speaking about our animal body. Because if you are merely a creature consisting of desire and reason, of heart and mind, then there is no program of independent action that exists in you.

But when I ask: “Why do I exist?” then that is no longer a question of the body; it is a question that comes from something higher than animal existence. Asking myself that question, I think about which program am I realizing, which program am I choosing for myself, for what?

Egoism is built only for the purpose of keeping me in a lower animal existence and it says: “You exist in order to fulfill your material desires as long as these desires exist.” And I continuously fulfill them. But with time, that program begins to dim smoothly, slowly lowering in importance and a person begins to feel that his life is ending.

In reality, nothing ends. The egoistic program is simply designed in such a way that little by little it brings us to a state where we no longer want to fill ourselves and that is why everything ends. The only thing left is death, in other words, the end of the desire to continue to fill ourselves.

But there is also another program, when I initially don’t want to live by fulfilling the desires of my body because I understand that this makes me a slave to these desires. I don’t see the point of existing this way and feel that my life is meaningless.

As the egoistic program develops, it purposely leads me further, showing me its meaninglessness, and I begin to feel that it is not worth it for me to live. We see this in the new generation that searches for anything that will let them forget themselves.

That is why we need to discover the true meaning of life for ourselves. If that meaning is false, then it can be found in anything because that same egoism will help me find some amusement, like football, and I will fall into minor pleasures of our world and become their slave.

Or I continue to develop further with a desire to find the truth—something that is above my sensations. I don’t want to fill myself with material pleasures and see the meaning of life only in them. I want to know that I exist above them. And then I am left with one big question: “What am I to do, how do I achieve this?” In other words, I need to reprogram myself, rise above the preprogrammed egoistic program within me, and only focus myself on the achievement of the goal.

The new program really does allow you to achieve a new goal, a new state, and I am obligated to carry it out. It is built atop the rejection of the previous program and that is why in the counterbalance between the two programs, in the difference between them, I experience my freedom as I rise above the old program and engage in the real one.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation,” 6/19/17

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 9/9/17


“In an August 25 article for titled “There Will Be No Winners in the Second Civil War,” Michael Laitman wrote ….”

Restoring Nature’s ‘Sanity’ Begins With Restoring Our Own Connections #hurricane @newsmax

From Twitter, 9/9/17

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The Torah Reveals Eternity

935Torah, Deuteronomy 29:08: And you shall observe the words of this covenant and fulfill them, in order that you will succeed in all that you do.

The Torah presents very complex and serious conditions for correcting egoism. But we must do everything in order to fulfill them. Their realization occurs within a person through the correction of his egoistic nature so that he could come to connection with others and show the entire world the possibility of unity, which humanity needs so much today.

Then we will indeed bring the upper Light into our world. While still existing in the corporeal world, we will rise and reveal the next world, as it is written: “Reveal your world while you are still in this life,” and we will begin our existence in it.

Once this happens, the psychological concept of life and death will disappear. Everything will become one eternal existence beyond time, space, and motion. We must come to this. The Torah reveals eternity for us.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/28/16

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True Filling

laitman_608.02Question: I don’t really understand why a person who is depressed, who understands that the Creator has put him in this situation, would want to resemble the Creator?

Answer: Because he has no other choice. The Creator puts a person in a state of depression so that a person can ask: “What should I live for?”—and eventually look for and find the meaning of life.

Question: Is it not possible to bring the created being to this recognition differently?

Answer: No, because the created being is a desire to enjoy. If he does not feel pleasure, he asks: “What should I live for?” Then he reaches a state in which he must find some egoistic filling. Here he is fed bit by bit so that by advancing egoistically, he begins to understand that the true filling is the altruistic filling.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/23/17

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Why Do I Feel Emptiness In This World?

laitman_592.02Question: Why am I sometimes attacked by a state of emptiness, not wanting to do anything, and I am tired of everything?

Answer: It is because you have nothing more to do in this world. What is the point of existing like some kind of little bug?

You must begin to develop yourself spiritually. Then you will feel why in fact you were created. Otherwise, the body will live another number of years in this world, and then what?

Question: If you tell a person that he has nothing to do in this world, does it mean that he yearns for another world?

Answer: Certainly. If there is no yearning for the spiritual world, then this world is felt completely like a blind alley.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/23/17

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New Life 876 – The Love Of Friends

New Life 876 – The Love Of Friends
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Why have Kabbalists given us principles of working in a group? Why must we reach the love of friends, and how does it enable us to get to know the upper force?
From KabTV’s “New Life 876 – The Love Of Friends,” 7/6/17

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