How Can You Feel The Joy Of Life?

laitman_572.02Question: How does one feel the joy of life?

Answer: Joy comes from the fact that I am connected with something great, very important, eternal, and perfect. Joy should be even from the knowledge that there is the upper force that fills the entire world and arranges everything; it is the first and it is the last, surrounding us from all the sides, as it is written, “Thou hast hemmed me in behind and before.”

What is left to me if everything is in the hands of this upper force? It only remains for me to annul myself. If I annul myself as if I do not exist and pass myself to the dominion of this upper force, the Creator, then I am already an embryo.

And then, I no longer want to be an embryo and to float passively in the world of the Creator as on the waves. I want to become His partner, to participate and to add from myself. Then I begin to work above my self-annulment. But this is already a different type of work that we will study later in practice.

However, joy must be from the very first action. If I completely annul myself, then I get included in the upper force that does everything.

Everything we do in this world is intended only to eventually come to the disappointment and understanding that this is useless work, worthless actions, without meaning, and  that “it is better to sit and do nothing.”

Therefore, if you think like this: Nothing will happen or everything that will happen is done by the Creator; nothing depends on me except to agree with this fact in spite of all the obstacles and confusion, then you already are in the Creator. It is from this that you feel joy. Try it!
From the Lesson on The Book of Zohar, 25 /7/17

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