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Haaretz: “At the Kabbalah Congress, I Found My Ego”

The largest Israeli newspaper הארץ (Haaretz) published a report on the world kabbalistic congress All As One, held in Tel Aviv on 02/21-23/17 “At the Kabbalah Congress, I Found My Ego”:


Yesterday Harvey, Today Irma, Tomorrow What?

laitman_765.1Question: Floods in Nepal, waves of forest fires in California, just recently hurricane Harvey went through Texas, and after it another high category hurricane Irma hit Florida. What is happening?

Answer: The world is out of balance on the inanimate level because people commit crimes, make mistakes, and perform negative actions on the spiritual level. Humanity has already developed to a spiritual degree and is obligated to carry out a correction. It is not by chance that our generation is called the last generation.

It is like a child who grew up and must now go to school and screams that he does not want to study! But he is told: “Dear, you have grown and you must go to school whether you want to or not.”

The last generation means that we have reached a new state even though we are not yet aware of it. Kabbalists warn: “Beware, today you are already in first grade. Whether you want it or not, you are being graded and nature will treat you according to those grades. Know that if you return home with an “F,” you will be punished.”

But humanity pays no attention to these warnings and continues to amuse themselves irresponsibly, like children on the playground. That is why there are natural disasters one after the other.

So far, we are committing minor transgressions in our society because not much is demanded of us—only the slightest awareness of where we are and what is the purpose for which we exist.

But if instead we busy ourselves with useless activity, then our tiny mistakes, as they are made clearer to us, begin to grow by degrees as they pass through all the levels: human, animal, vegetative, and all the way to inanimate level where they turn into natural disasters.

That is how a unified integral system works, and not following its laws can result in catastrophic consequences. Most dangerous is not even a hurricane or a fire some place, but that we, in one moment, can be left completely without food. There just will not be a harvest. And what do we do then? We are extremely dependent on the inanimate level of nature.

We must begin the work of correction immediately because today there is already no one left for whom it is pleasant to live in this world. We stand at the threshold of major crises: in the financial system, ecology, a new wave of terrorism, not to mention nuclear threat. Humanity is preparing such frightening surprises for itself that it is worthwhile for us to hurry up. Hurricanes, fires, and volcanic eruptions will not end because nature is now out of balance.
From the 3d part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/6/17, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”

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Does Another Creation Exists?

laitman_928Question: Does another creation exist? If so, is there another Creator there?

Answer: Not as far as we know (I add “we” because Kabbalists speak only about what we belong to or what belongs to us).

Is Atzmuto (the Creator) completely independent of us and are there any spaces and creations arranged on a different principle that we don’t know about and can’t know because we are created only in the desire to receive? But this should lead us to similarity to the Creator. which means attaining what is His in regard to us.

This is called the final stage of correction. But after that there are further states in which we will probably continue our attainment.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/19/17

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“You Will Neither Drink Of Wine”

3Torah, Deuteronomy, Tavo, 28:39: You will plant vineyards and work [them], but you will neither drink of [their] wine, or gather [the grapes], because the worms will devour them.

There will be no blessings in your actions because all of them are aimed at satisfying your egoism.

Torah, Deuteronomy, Tavo, 28:40: You will have olive trees throughout all your boundaries, but you will not anoint with [their] oil, because your olive trees will drop off.

According to the Torah this oil is used for lighting, food, and hygiene. If you do not have the opportunity to use oil, then this is a very big problem, because under the oil is meant the Light of Hochma. Without the Light of Hochma you can not correctly understand what is happening to you.

The disappearance of the oil in addition to the disappearance of grains is the end. Grain (bread) is the quality of Bina, bestowal. Wine and oil are the quality of Hochma, only in different forms. Therefore, in the material world the disappearance of all of this leads a person to death from starvation. In the spiritual form, you lose the connection of Malchut and Bina and after this, you no longer have an opportunity to correct yourself.

Today, we are given the opportunity; please choose what you want: life or death, reward or punishment. You invest, you work, but because your intention is for yourself and not for the benefit of others, you end up losing in everything. And today we see it, both the material and spiritual disappear.

Humanity has come to the state when it will be sighing heavily, like over an abyss uttering an eerie cry: “What have we come to and what do we need this for?” It is because a terrible depression and despair are worse than death, you cannot die, but you also cannot live.

I think that this is a good state. We just need to prepare a quick answer based on our love for people and show them a way out of this situation.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/14/16

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The Temple Mount: Rejoice Or Cry

Laitman_421.01Question: On the Temple Mount, they dismantled all the security measures; in other words, the entrance is more or less free. It is possible to say that Israel surrendered to the pressure of the Arab world and Europe? Should one be happy or cry?

Answer: This is a very great failure of our security forces, who could not correctly calculate the power of the Arabs or the power of the government, which didn’t take into account that the issue of the Al-Aqsa Mosque could provoke such a storm all over the world.

From year to year, the Jews have simply become more and more obtuse, apparently unwise, whereas the Arabs have become more and more wise. They can be influential through all the international organizations that they have entered and can reach agreements between them. They are no longer the same Arab nations they once were. Today, they have international Internet connections, both in the press and through the television company Al-Jazeera.

In fact, we have no friends and supporters, while there are necessary supporters among them because they have the power. Therefore, our future is gloomy and vague.

It is up to us to draw the following conclusions: it is not necessary to carry out extreme actions if we don’t know for sure to what these actions will lead. It is preferable to sit quietly and understand how it is possible to gather power like this that can correctly convince the world of our justice.

Question: Can we truly win?

Answer: Yes, if we succeed in convincing ourselves and the world that we are right. In the meantime, we cannot do this today.

Question: How is it possible to do this?

Answer: It would be only if we prove to the entire world that we have the ability to give the world a method to get rid of evil. That is all. The world doesn’t need anything else.

Question: What are you calling “evil?”

Answer: Evil is the tremendous human egoism. If we can show the entire world that we have a method for getting rid of it, and as a result of this we get rid of all the problems, conflicts, hatred, and rejection, then the world will begin to agree with us.

But, we need to show this by means of personal example! We are a “broken” nation, the most separated, and egoistic. If we look at ourselves, for example, how effective our method is with us, within a small group of the population in a small nation, then nature will arrange things such that the world will have no choice but to pay attention, hear, and agree with us. Only in this way can we be saved from all the problems!

Question: Will the world see that there is a corner of the Garden of Eden [paradise] in which they are living in friendship and love, and will also want to live like this?

Answer: The world will be compelled to see this because they are looking at us all the time. It is only that, in the meantime, they are not seeing anything good. If we show them that we have a method for the correction of all of humanity, then everyone will see.

Comment: And then there will be no need to close the Temple Mount.

Answer: There will be no need to close anything. Everything will get along by itself.

Question: What is possible to do so that we will believe this?

Answer: It is not necessary to believe. It is simply necessary to do because there is nothing bad in this. It is written in our sources. It is simply necessary to agree with it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/27/17

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New Life 882 – Friction In A Group Of Students Of The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

New Life 882 – Friction In A Group Of Students Of The Wisdom Of Kabbalah
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

How can one relate correctly to friction that is revealed in a group that studies the wisdom of Kabbalah? How do we rise above it with love and how do these situations lead to recognition of the higher power? The group helps a person look at reality correctly, which is that everything is coming from the Creator to bring him to the truth.
From KabTV’s “New Life 882 – Friction In A Group Of Students Of The Wisdom Of Kabbalah,” 7/18/17

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Convention in Georgia “All As One,” Day One – 09.15.17

Convention “All As One,” in Georgia, Lesson Preparation 

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Convention “All As One,” in Georgia, Preparatory Lesson, “Intention”

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