Yesterday Harvey, Today Irma, Tomorrow What?

laitman_765.1Question: Floods in Nepal, waves of forest fires in California, just recently hurricane Harvey went through Texas, and after it another high category hurricane Irma hit Florida. What is happening?

Answer: The world is out of balance on the inanimate level because people commit crimes, make mistakes, and perform negative actions on the spiritual level. Humanity has already developed to a spiritual degree and is obligated to carry out a correction. It is not by chance that our generation is called the last generation.

It is like a child who grew up and must now go to school and screams that he does not want to study! But he is told: “Dear, you have grown and you must go to school whether you want to or not.”

The last generation means that we have reached a new state even though we are not yet aware of it. Kabbalists warn: “Beware, today you are already in first grade. Whether you want it or not, you are being graded and nature will treat you according to those grades. Know that if you return home with an “F,” you will be punished.”

But humanity pays no attention to these warnings and continues to amuse themselves irresponsibly, like children on the playground. That is why there are natural disasters one after the other.

So far, we are committing minor transgressions in our society because not much is demanded of us—only the slightest awareness of where we are and what is the purpose for which we exist.

But if instead we busy ourselves with useless activity, then our tiny mistakes, as they are made clearer to us, begin to grow by degrees as they pass through all the levels: human, animal, vegetative, and all the way to inanimate level where they turn into natural disasters.

That is how a unified integral system works, and not following its laws can result in catastrophic consequences. Most dangerous is not even a hurricane or a fire some place, but that we, in one moment, can be left completely without food. There just will not be a harvest. And what do we do then? We are extremely dependent on the inanimate level of nature.

We must begin the work of correction immediately because today there is already no one left for whom it is pleasant to live in this world. We stand at the threshold of major crises: in the financial system, ecology, a new wave of terrorism, not to mention nuclear threat. Humanity is preparing such frightening surprises for itself that it is worthwhile for us to hurry up. Hurricanes, fires, and volcanic eruptions will not end because nature is now out of balance.
From the 3d part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/6/17, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”

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