Torah – The System Of Connection Between Creator And Creation

laitman_549_01The Book of Zohar, “Lech Lecha”: How beloved is the Torah by the Creator, by which virtue the man is rewarded with life in the future world. And everyone who teaches the Torah to others is more important than everyone else.

The Torah is called the upper Light (Ohr), which acts on one who studies it in the right way, that is, wants to reach a higher level in the Torah than the one he is on now.

He wants to become more altruistic, giving, loving, more connected with others and supporting all. In other words, he wants to become like the Creator—kind, complete and bearer of good.

If a person strives so to change himself, then the upper Light, called the Torah, acts upon him and pushes him forward to this state. And then he feels that he is changing.

Of course, in these changes there are ups and downs, a change of all kinds of states, but from all of them, a person learns how much the Torah actually influences him and acts in him.

First of all, a person must acquire desires to bestow and faith above reason, and then he goes beyond the boundaries of this world. This world begins to dissipate like a mirage because it exists only in our egoistic imagination.

In Kabbalah, our world is called the “point of this world” because there is no other point in it. When we go beyond the boundaries of the egoistic point and expand, we begin to feel the abundance and significance of the Torah, adhering to its Tree of Life. And if not this, then we will remain in darkness, inside a tiny, black point.

The Torah is the Light of the world of Infinity, which according to the program of Creation (HaVaYaH) was divided into 620 Lights, whose purpose is to act on the corrupt desire and correct it. A person must correct his desire with the help of this Light, and on the other hand, he must himself awaken this Light.

He cannot change himself without the upper Light, but the Light must be attracted, and for this, too, the Torah is necessary. It turns out that the whole system connecting the Creation with the Creator and the Creator with the Creation is called the Torah.

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