What Is Emptiness?

Question: Is there a concept in the wisdom of Kabbalah that is analogous to emptiness?

Answer: Emptiness is a special category of desires that cannot be filled, and therefore feels empty of the content it would like to have.

A person who asks this type of question is starting to feel the desire to attain and know the meaning of life, why life comes to an end, what happens after one dies, and why life is so absurd and random.

In other words, emptiness is a desire to attain something that remains unattainable for the time being because our matter is a desire to be filled with pleasure and satisfaction, and if the filling is missing and does not exist, it is called emptiness.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/31/16

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  1. What is the relationship between emptiness and being occupied with actions and thoughts that aim to fill one with corporeal pursuits?

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