True And Imaginary Realities

Dr. Michael Laitman Before his sin, Adam HaRishon had attained the world only in one form, without its imaginary reflection in this world. His entire attainment was inside of Bina. He was born already circumcised, which means disconnected (cut off) from Malchut. This is why he saw only the true form of bestowal which was in Bina. However, all other forms of attainment of the Creator take place inside the connection between Malchut and Bina.

The reflection of Bina in Malchut is called an imaginary image while Bina, itself, is the true and authentic form. Malchut is called Bina’s mirror. Bina and Malchut, the true and the imaginary realities, are connected together up until the very End of Correction. We can’t even say that truth is really truth because we always attain the limited Malchut within Bina; ouBina and Malchutr perception is based on a reflection of Bina we receive inside of Malchut. However, the imaginary reality is not a mirage, but rather, a reflection which has true existence.

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