Finally, We Are Ready For Correction

New world The process of the world’s correction is a lengthy path consisting of various stages, where every soul fulfills its own part. We have gone through the breaking of the common soul of Adam HaRishon, then the Babylonian Exile, a spiritual birth, and the subsequent fall from the spiritual level during the destruction of the First Temple. This was followed by a resurrection on a new spiritual level, and then another fall during the times of the Second Temple.

Now we are nearing a state where all the desires intended for correction are completely ready for it. After all the ascents, descents, breakings, and revolutions that we have experienced throughout our entire history, all of our desires have become intermixed. As a result, every person contains both bestowing and receiving desires in the right combination. The desires are now fit for correction, and this is what we now have to carry out.

Therefore, the objective now facing us is correction. This is the first time when we are not operating as matter without a will, which undergoes something without participating in it. Rather, now we must take part in our own correction with full awareness, with our own efforts, and according to our own request. We have to realize the correction by virtue of our own forces, to the extent we are allowed to do so by the Upper Governance.

This is why for the first time in history we are starting to study, “Who are we? And how does each of us have to change, as well as all of us together?” The science of Kabbalah teaches us how to live correctly in the reality where we exist.

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