How Can We Distinguish Between Reality And Illusion?

laitman_919Question: Could it be that people who attain the upper world simply live in a different illusion that seems to them as reality?

Answer: No, people who attain the upper world exit their state and begin to feel the world that is external to them. This is a world that doesn’t go through their ordinary senses and is not distorted by their personal properties. Therefore, it isn’t an illusion, but the true perception of reality which, in fact, exists externally to our egoistic perception.

Kabbalists say that the question about the meaning of life is what pushes us to ascend above our reality and that if we use it correctly, we will find the method of ascending to the upper reality. Then, we will see our reality from the side.

We swim in the ego like in water, and it is only through our egoism that we see our reality. A person is merely an organ of perception of what exists around him.

The world is arranged so that a person will be able to exist in it for a certain period of time and go from his current state to the next state, to the upper reality, that is independent of the human ego. By neutralizing his egoism, a person begins to exit himself and become totally objective. Then, there are no more limitations of time, motion, and space.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/18/16

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