Ynet: “The Guide To Trumpist America”

In my column in Ynet: “The Guide To Trumpist America”

The United States of America is divided, showing itself clearly cut into two distinct camps. If Trump has serious intentions to unite America, he must build a social national educational plan to unite the American people. No more nice proposals, but a law that will be approved by the House of Representatives. And who is a better man for the job than Trump?

“I want a country that loves each other, I want to stress that,” said Donald Trump in the first interview he gave the media after the elections. While the President-elect speaks about uniting the nation and declares in a conciliatory tone that it is important for him to be everyone’s president, thousands of people have been protesting against Trump in the streets, carrying signs and calling “he is not my president,” for a whole week now.

During the turbulent campaign, Trump was accused by the Democrats of using messages filled with hatred that divided the American nation during his campaign. But in fact, Trump’s provocative and not politically correct slips of the tongue are not the cause for the breach in American society. They do indeed illuminate and emphasize some of the roots of the malignant disease that has been incubating in America for years, but it is nothing but hypocrisy and disingenuity to claim that such expressions are the ones that have created it.

Whites and blacks, Christians and Muslims, local citizens (who emigrated to America years ago…) and new immigrants, inhabitants of big cities and of small towns, liberals and conservatives, rich and poor, and of course religious and non-religious people all refuse to accept each other. According to a survey conducted by the PEW Institute, half of the American people loathe those who have an opinion opposite to theirs and even see the other side as an actual threat to their nation. This polarization reminds me to a certain degree of the atmosphere during the American Civil War in 1861-1865. But in order to prevent the split into two Americas, Trump suggests mitigating the problem by creating more jobs.

Trump has undoubtedly changed and will continue to change some of rules of the game. There is no doubt about it. But still, if I were asked to advise the President-elect as to how to pave the golden path that will unite the torn American nation, by integrating a sustainable solution to the unemployment problem, the erosion of the middle-class, and the disappearance of the working class, I would advise him to build and lead a national plan for social education to unite the American nation. This isn’t just another nice proposal on paper, but a multi-phase plan, that is comprehensive and empiric, which will include changes in the legislation, and will try to formulate a law to suggest and in some cases even enforce unity as one of the principles of the American Constitution.

The Way to Heal the Schism in America

The law of connection is in fact a government policy that will find the way to impact and create a compelling environment for every American citizen, which aims to give people the tools and creates a supportive environment for them that will help them learn how to connect to one another and to care about others. It is about an educational process that will impact the entire society, will help us know ourselves and the environment we live in, and will enable us to share the knowledge that will create a common consciousness and a feeling of belonging to one system.

A by-product of this initiative can help solve the unemployment problem through establishing an extensive infrastructure nationwide across all the sectors operating in a variety of social frameworks from kindergartens, schools, universities, workplaces, employment agencies, the media, to hospitals and nursing homes.

Such a project should be accompanied by online courses and experiential workshops that will increase people’s awareness of the global world we live in, including questionnaires that will allow a person to measure his advancement in improving his relationships with society. Later we can make use of the media to convey ideas that reinforce the values of unity and use the tremendous influence of the American media to create a digital televised environment that will support the process. In the more advanced stages, communities that have already assimilated the importance of connection and unity as the solution to national problems will naturally develop and they will also be able to find solutions to their personal problems. This kind of learning can take place in different ways and lead the wounded US through a process of socialization and offer the torn American society an ideology of unity.

Gradually whole populations and communities will get to know the story of “the other”; they will undergo practical workshops and acquire tools for building the right connections with others and learn how to behave properly in society. One of the options is to offer people who take part in the social education plan a kind of an incentive and benefits from the state.

The law of connection will first and foremost soften the heart of the nation and bring together and connect the two camps that are dividing America today and are struggling in the town squares. It has been 150 years since Lincoln, the Republican President, led the Union to victory over the seceding Confederate States, but in the 21st century, when our egoistic nature is reaching the peak of its evolution and naturally deepens the breach between us, no intra-national treaties will help. The values of liberalism, pluralism, mutuality and freedom of every kind have gone bankrupt, and it is enough to say that you are not inclined to agree with someone else’s opinion in order to feel threatened by the environment. The bad and violent spirit that has taken over America today is different from the unity negotiated during the reconstruction at the end of the Civil War that served as the foundation for the united American nation, the United States of America.

Trump’s Era

Trump chose to open his first speeches by using soft, stately, conciliatory language, which is a good thing. He has the talent of speaking directly to the public, candidly, sharply, and with humor, which if he channels to the social networks, which he used so successfully during his campaign, he will be able to appease the public by conveying  a positive unifying messages. If the American President himself sets an example and is the first to give a lesson of unity, it may be an unprecedented move that will bring him closer to the people and will shatter the myths and negative image that have sullied his character. Thus he will be able to rekindle hope even among the masses who doubt him and protest against him on the streets. They will also be affected by the public discourse, and, like it or not, will actually realize that he is there for them, in order to make a difference and lead to equality.

The times America managed to live in equality, in mutual guarantee and concern, were the most beautiful times in American history, but with time, when each one began to pull in his direction and the ties weakened,  America suffered great disasters.

The educational initiative presented here is based on the laws of global nature that the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches. Unity is the underlying structure in nature. Nature aspires for balance, for equality, and for wholeness, and because people are part of the circle of nature, we too are obliged to act in a circle, in equality, and by being mutually considerate of others. The only difference is that in our case, we have to do it consciously by undergoing an educational process. If we build the mutual connections between us that are compatible with life in the global world that is being revealed to us today, we will undoubtedly begin to understand and to feel, which will help us make the right decisions and succeed in everything that we do. This is the bond that I suggest in honor of Mr. President-elect Donald Trump.

In this way, he will be able to establish a country in which people love each other, the American people will learn to make each other feel secure, and give others a feeling of love and warmth and a feeling of life in one nation, not in 52 separate nations. This unique method of connection will not cancel the differences between Americans and will not cover them up with the familiar American pretense of politically correct discourse, but will spread a wide umbrella of connection over everyone that will cover all crimes with love.

In the 100 days of grace remaining to organize a government before the official swearing-in on the 20th of January, I warmly advise the president to start the initiative of establishing such a plan, or at least seriously consider it and discuss it on the media channels. The success of the American nation in this process is important for the American people, but it is no less important for us and for the whole world.
From Ynet 11/17/16

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