A Real World And An Imaginary World

laitman_423_02Question from Facebook: Are the concepts “real world” and “imaginary world” determined only by the person himself? So consequently, they are subjective? Which is to say, are they open to debate?

Answer: Certainly. After all, we cannot say that what is perceived by a person exists objectively. It is felt within him, and it changes because his perception is subjective with respect to him.

But we are talking about how we exist, in what capacity, space, time, movement, world, and so forth.

Therefore, Kabbalah speaks about how to perceive the perfect level of our existence where there are no limitations on our drives, characteristics, developments, thoughts, and desires. A person is not limited by time or space in anything he can imagine! The wisdom of Kabbalah brings us to this state.

I think that this is better than the world of today.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/15/17

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