The Internet Goes Through Chaos To The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It seems that the existing governance systems have lost their ability to govern countries. How can the Internet, which connects all of humanity into one system, facilitate the formation of a new governance system?

Answer: Today’s leaders at all levels lack the “middle line.” All opposing trends, from the smallest to the most global, should be balanced out, and this has to be revealed on the Internet as well. Therefore, Kabbalah as the method of “the middle line” is the only salvation.

Question: There is complete chaos on the Internet today. Is this just the initial period of natural development that will result in the formation of a certain single structure? Is it similar to chaotic cells first fighting with each other but then gradually forming one organism?

Answer: The same thing is happening with human society, not just with the Internet. We see that all sorts of opposing forces eventually become more and more organized. Certain disorder is revealed time after time, then things get back to normal until we reach the present state of the world when there is a pressing need for a certain force that connects the right and the left together.

And this force is not just a median, like a centrist party that is also based on egoism and exists by itself. The middle line, connecting the right and the left, has to exist above them, at a higher level, like the higher force between the two lines. The middle line is a consequence of the right and the left lines; it doesn’t exist by itself as some third entity.

Centrist parties exist in every country, but they are not a solution. The middle line is meant to connect the polar opposites by means of unity and understanding—not just by concessions and compromises, but mutual completion. There is a huge difference between concession and completion, whereby everyone understands that he can enrich himself due to another and needs him, and that’s why they are both building the middle line together.

This is what should eventually happen to the Internet. The only question is whether humanity will realize the need for this middle line on its own from the system itself, or will it learn from the examples provided by the wisdom of Kabbalah.

I think that advancement will come from both sides. As it is said, the nation of Israel has to become a light unto the nations. However, it can only become a light unto the nations when they find themselves in darkness.

Similarly, the Internet has to first reveal darkness. And is is where we are heading to: The more people use the Internet, the more disappointed with it they become. On the other hand, the method of Kabbalah will come to their assistance and help them build the middle line.
From the 3d part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/18/17, “Mismach Arosa,” (Arosa Document)

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