What Is The Significance Of Developing Unconsciously?

laitman_626Question: What is the significance of the unconscious development 99% of the time of 99% of the people if the goal is quite the opposite, reaching absolute awareness and the semblance of the Creator of 100% of the people?

Answer: The point is that freewill must be kept here. Therefore, we shouldn’t rush humanity by a stick to happiness only and make them go through all the states at one time in order to attain the final uppermost level. It is impossible. A person needs to go through every state, to discover and assess what has happened, the current situation, and what will be, what is worth making efforts against his nature for and what is not.

So it is not an easy process. Every time a person reaches a decision, it has to perfectly match the spiritual level to which he wants to ascend. This is the reason that he must understand what that spiritual level is, what state he is in with regard to it, etc.

This is very complicated work of scrutinizing states, starting from the current level until the next level. A person scrutinizes how to find the forces and the attributes inside him that will change him so that he will become more similar to the higher level. It is impossible to digest all that at once. It requires great many efforts, time, and working with the environment and the group.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/2/17

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