My Thoughts On Twitter, 9/12/17


Man is the center of nature, its crown jewel. His role is to make it so Nature reaches absolute harmony. #Florida #Irma

As we develop, our ego increases. The world reflects our internal state. As we start cleansing ourselves, nature will self-cleanse #Florida

The world doesn’t need billions of people, but they’re needed 4 uniting into system of ADAM, as general correction needs many participants.

All natural and social #disasters happen to force mankind to rise to the next evolutionary degree–the spiritual degree.

In his untamed #ego, man only thinks about how to subdue nature instead of how to subdue himself…

The ways and laws of #nature are absolute: if we don’t make ourselves integrally connected, nature does it to us by force & suffering.

#BDS, antizionism: the Jewish people have no right to their own state #Kabbalah: Jews are only a people if united, then they merit a state.

#Trump cannot cleanse the US for his voters, or give them jobs/status. But there is work for all: to learn to unify into one nation.

#World at a crossroad: destroy billions of redundant ppl or unite them to a system the Creator can fulfill? The Latter is compulsory

#September11 we are now an integral society where one law dominates: “it’s not the strong who wins, but he who’s connected to others”

Is #humanity ready to reform itself as it’s ready to reform the world? Will it take medicine to unite people if such medicine appears?

#Nature’s integral law: the PARTICULAR = the COLLECTIVE – means a minor disruption impacts the whole system, and the result is tremendous

From Twitter, 9/12/17

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