Why Is The Creator So Cruel?

Laitman_049.01Question: Why is the Creator so cruel?

Answer: I completely understand you. I would have thought that too, but the Creator is not cruel. When His loving attitude toward us is experienced in our egoism, it feels completely opposite to us.

I remember in childhood when my mother scolded me about low grades or something else. It caused her a great deal of anxiety and emotional distress, but she was expressing absolute kindness toward me even though I perceived it as cruelty.

The Creator is the altruistic quality of nature. But to the degree that we behave inversely compared to Him, we feel diametrically opposite to this kindness; that is, we feel bad, as though we are living in a bad world.

But He is not doing anything bad. He relates to us with complete benevolence, and we, relative to this, see ourselves and our world as completely evil. We do not need to blame Him or ourselves for this.

Question: But how does this kindness that comes from Him express itself as acts of violence in our world?

Answer: All this we do ourselves. People, with their egoism, make this world seem bad. The Creator gave us egoism and also gave us the possibility to correct it. He spurs us toward correction. We see what is happening in the world.

Comment: But He gives an ordinary person tremendous obstacles, creating terrible evil that is impossible to justify.

My Response: I completely agree. But when a person begins to become aware of everything that the Creator did for him, he stops blaming Him for anything. Then the opposite occurs and tremendous gratitude arises from within him.

But, for now, a person does not understand, similar to when he was a child and he did not understand why his parents were yelling at him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/26/17

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