The Recipe For Health From Kabbalists

Laitman_715Question: How do Kabbalists explain the notion of health?

Answer: There is a famous saying: “Healthy body—healthy mind.” Kabbalists believe the opposite, “With the healthy spirit comes a healthy body.”

A healthy spirit is a state when a person works for bestowal, for the benefit of others and for all of humanity.

If we could live like this, we would feel ourselves in eternal existence, in absolute health, and would not even have an idea of what a disease or a bad state is. A person would be healthy all the time because all illnesses are the consequence of thoughts about oneself.

Immediately a question arises: “Then why do the Kabbalists get sick?” The fact is that while all of humanity is not yet corrected, people get sick for each other. The Kabbalists are also included in humanity and naturally get sick along with everyone.

However, approaching correction, we will get sick less and will live longer until the transition into a state where the feeling of life will be replaced by the feeling of immortality and healthy existence.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/12/17

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