Gentlemen, Let’s Be Well!

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe new society that exists in balance with the laws of nature will not face any everyday problems. We will reach a state where people will be physically healthy because physical problems are the consequence of our opposition to nature.

We do not understand what it is to live a proper and good life. Phobias and fears are feelings that keep us from doing certain harmful deeds and stimulate a corresponding social behavior. However, in an integrated system, all social phobias disappear.

The system of mutual, integrated inner dependence operates the same way as the system of our organism, when all its parts work in unison. Each part does what it needs to do and supports the common organism. This way, it remains healthy. The same applies to society. A healthy society where everyone has his place seems to shine its inner strength on everyone and maintains us in a healthy state.

Health is the balance of all inner parameters of a human organism, such as blood pressure, sugar level, and so forth. When we come into balance with all of nature, we restore the balance in us.

All of nature is based only on balance. Any law is a law of balance. Any formulas that we find basically become one formula: our inner balance with nature, when we really enter it like an integral part.

Animals existing in normal conditions do not get sick. They only suffer and fall ill because we introduce abnormalities into nature and deviate from it.

All problems only derive from man because he is the highest degree of development after the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature. The level of “man” affects all the lower levels, and this is why we are the source of problems for the entire world. The extent to which we will aspire toward integration will determine the condition of the rest of the world.
From a TV Program “The Integral World” 10/30/2011

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